EMA (4) ‎– Every Minor Arcana - Little Sketches On Tape

Night People ‎– NP102
Cassette, Album, Repress, C32


A1 Capriciana 1:50
A2 Hey Boy 2:31
A3 Git 1:41
A4 Move Them 1:05
A5 Mouth Like The Sun 3:27
A6 Boiled In Lead 2:28
B1 Can't Imagine 0:50
B2 All The Babies 3:21
B3 Mud Loop 0:25
B4 Little Guitar 0:09
B5 Perfection 1:26
B6 Swingin 1:36
B7 Ladysmith 1:12
B8 Cowboy 2:39


Second run on Black cassettes in a clear case with a shimmering golden print cover insert. This cover is not as striking in contrast as the white cassette version. This version also includes a plain white tracklisting insert almost identical to the white cassette version, only slightly bolder text. There is no label on the B side of the cassette. The A side has a pink and black silk-screened label. There is a barely visible "32" stamped on the edge of the cassette.

From the Night People website description:
"EMA is Erika Anderson of the recently broken up long running west coast band Gowns. Despite being recorded when Gowns was still active this cassette seems the perfect moving on of sorts for Erika's vast creative potential. This release of solo guitar, piano, voice, and tape collage couldn't be blessed with more heartfelt beauty, it seems almost impossible as is, the amount of intimate feeling that resounds in the tape. The tape itself taking on properties of the composition used as an instrument in and of itself to accompany Erika's amazing voice and lyrics. This release took a long time to fully come together and actually come out, it was well worth the wait, it doesn't get any better then this. "