Earles And Jensen ‎– Just Farr A Laugh: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!

Failed Pilot Productions ‎– FPP-0002
CD, Album


1 Gamemasters 0:31
2 Introducing Bleachy: Poised To Sweep The Nation 1:52
3 Taco Bell Dog And Taz Tattoos 2:17
4 Morris Day Is On His Way 0:48
5 Honey, Tiger Woods Is On The Phone, Quit Fiddle-Fucking Around 3:51
6 Waking Up Alone On The 4th Of July (Live On The Radio) 1:26
7 Jazz Jermaine: Ru Paul's Personal Assistant 1:04
8 Barbara: A Realistic Portrait 5:07
9 Barbara's Husband Clears The Air 4:36
10 "Attitudes"- A Bar W/ A Bunch Of Dumbasses Hanging Out 0:46
11 "Bedroom ETA"- A Jermaine Stewart Cover Band 2:33
12 Morris Day Has Worked Up An Appetite 0:36
13 A Really Big Day For Mom 1:12
14 "I Should Hope So" 1:21
15 Bleachy And The .99 Cent Big Bufords 2:04
16 Tim Butler, An Old Flatmate Of David J.'s 1:29
17 Trish Calls Beastie From Soulcracker (Live On WFMU) 1:59
18 Chauncy Gardner, Gallagher's Personal Assistant 1:26
19 Just Farr A Laugh: The Yogurt Machine 5:37
20 Change It Into "Kenny" From South Park, That's Some Funny Shit 1:45
21 Bleachy Tries To Join The Army...Again 2:36
22 The Bewildering Funnies 1:42
23 Man With A Confusing Array Of Things To Sell 4:25
24 KFC Mashed Potatoes And Gravy Flavored Doritos 1:18
25 Bleachy At TGI Fridays 0:59
26 Waking Up Alone On The 4th Of July Part II 1:48
27 Danny Aiello And Son Would Like To Come In For Some Eggs 1:03
28 Isaac Hayes Was Verbally Assaulted Today 3:06
29 I Took Acid At Work Yesterday 2:58
30 Christopher Fucking Cross 2:59
31 Howie Mandell's Brother 1:41
32 Unsensible Shooz 2:47
33 Bleachy Is Back In Town, Look Out 2:33


From Andrew Earles' website:

"It should be mentioned that the first disc in the JFAL Vol 1 & 2 set is a reissue of the original Just Farr a Laugh CD, created 2000/2001, and self-released by Jeff and myself in 2002. We pressed 1000, and they were eventually sold out by 2005. This release also contained an inordinate amount of liner notes, but nothing on the scale of the Matador release.



In the summer of 2000, I released a 7″ of “found” songs titled “Killed By Absurdity Vol 1″…this was the label name that appeared on the sleeve. Two years later, when I joined forces with Jeffrey Jensen to create and self-release the first Just Farr a Laugh CD, the FPP name was continued, and soon became the name of the website we had set up for the selling and promotion of the CD."