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March 27, 2016
referencing Neapolitan E.P., 12", EP, Promo, RSN 30
Took me years to track this down, back in the days of dial-up connection and only being able to use the internet at my Dad's workplace, with htfr being the main source of vinyl gems such as this. Just had to keep checking back until they finally had it in stock, after hearing it on a pirate version of Kaos theory 3 I bought on tape at a charity shop in the late 90s. Ice cream van from hell came on right at the end and cut off before it finished as the tape wasn't long enough. I had to hear the rest of the track and it achieved almost mythical status for me, it has a really nice old skool horror film feel to it. I'm sure the chimes used in the intro are actually the same notes from Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, although I'm not sure where the children's singing is from. The other reviews on here are spot in for the other side, never really fitted in with anything else I had from that era. Old skool sound but still ahead of their time


November 30, 2012
referencing Neopolitan EP, 12", EP, RSN 30, RSN30
Ice cream van from hell is one of the most PIMP incredible techno tunes in the history of breathing mankind. Havent heard it in over 15 years till just now again - and had tears rolling down my face the entire time. Memories......


July 8, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Neopolitan EP, 12", EP, RSN 30, RSN30
Check "Electric Fan" 1992....sounds like it was recorded in 2092!
From the opening industrial humm and computer like voices suddenly from nowhere drops in one of the best drum break loops you could ever here fading in and out and a mad synth sounds which im sure is the sound you get in your head after a night of munching acid tabs!
I was fortunate enough to be given a promo from Demix and I played it at a local hardcore night!
They didn’t get it...Which says it all!
Way out in front when it first came out....
If there is one undiscovered gem from the 90s then this is it!