Ekiwojjolo ‎– Singing Zazen

Vinylify ‎– 8815
Vinyl, 10"


A1 Singing Zazen, Pt 1 09:56
B1 Singing Zazen, Pt 2 09:53



Zazen (坐禅) is a form of meditation and means "sitting meditation" (Za = sit, Zen = meditation). The word Zen is from sanskritens "Dhyana", mindfulness, and through China became "Chán" and finally reached Japan where the word became Zen.
Zazen improves health and reduces the need for sleep, and if you have that goal, lead to satori, enlightenment.
Zazen is a concentration exercise which comes in different varieties, usually in a sitting position.
The most common seating positions are:
Full lotus: the right foot is resting on the left thigh and vice versa.
Half lotus: a foot on the opposite thigh, the other under the opposite thigh.
Quartz lotus: a foot on the opposite bet, the other below.
Burmese: feet resting on the floor and pointing towards the opposite knee. Calves are overlapped.
Seiza: man "kneels".
Keep your back straight and your hands in your lap. Place your left hand in your right hand with your palms facing up. Let tumspetsarna touch each other so that an oval formed between the thumbs and the rest of the hands. You can view images of the Buddha how he keeps his hands. It will be the same except that the Buddha has his right hand on the left: it is not Buddha do the opposite. In zazen is recommended that you sit and "stare" into a wall. Closes your eyes, it is easy to you "flutters away" with thoughts.
Sitting as relaxed as possible. If you find it too hard to sit on the floor, use a support pillow, excellent with a sleeping bag under the butt. In seiza, you can have a pillow between your legs. If you choose to sit in seiza, a low stool as a tool. The stool is so high that you can sit in seiza without burdening your calves and ankles and get severe pain. Normally, I sit on a cushion or soft carpet for not getting sore knees.
It is very important that during zazen is stationary and does not scratch, change its position, etc. How long do you sit depends on when and where. Most commonly sit for half an hour at a time. It is important to determine in advance how long you should sit and then sit time out. It is often painful and awkward for the beginner to sit zazen, but there are usually over when the muscles trained up. For those who have problems with their blood circulation, it can be difficult to get used to certain parts of the body to pinch and then it's important to watch developments.
This album is divided into four parts. It begins, after 10 seconds, with a kind on a large Tibetan singing bowl. Every 15 minutes turned a kind of a smaller bowl. Singing zazen terminated after 60 minutes with a blow on the same large bowl as the album started with. Normally we sit zazen in silence but I have added singing harmonies between battles. Wherefore the name of the album Singing Zazen.
DIY Lo-Fi recorded 2014 at Zenil Studios
© 2014 Benil Steimer