Eksile* ‎– Stretch Marx

Dream Sequence ‎– none
Cassette, Mixed


DJ Exile
A1 Xile* Gotta Keep Em Fed
A2 AC Alone* Mic Check
A3 Blackolishous* Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb And Blind
A4 Sons Of Man* Five Arch Angels
A5 Group Home Living Proof
A6 Funky Dialect* L.A.P.D.
A7 BDP* Poetry
A8 Big Daddy Kane Get Into It
A9 Jonny Blaze* Wings Of The Morning
A10 Aloe B* DSC
A11 Blackolishous* Deep In The Jungle
A12 Defarri* Big Up
A13 Sons Of V.I.* Vocal Instrument
A14 Chanel Live* Sex For The Sport
A15 Q-Tip Footprints
A16 AC Alone* Feet Upon The Table
A17 Exile (6) Peace Ariva Derchi
Dream Sequents
B1 Aloe B* Things Fall Apart
B2 Eksile* Cable Roc Life Forms
B3 Eksile* Cable Roc Playing Pretend
B4 Aloe B* Sliding In 2 1st
B5 Eksile* Cable Roc The Other Level
B6 No Artist Interlude
B7 Eksile* Cable Roc Won't Let Up
B8 Eksile* Cable Roc Freestyle Shit
B9 Aloe B* Im Free
B10 Eksile* Cable Roc Process Of Elimination
B11 Aloe B* Applause
B12 Aloe B* Unsolved Mystery File