Electric Noise Twist ‎– The Electric Noise Twist

Vision (Switzerland) ‎– Vision 23
Vinyl, LP


A1 My Trigger Fingers Itching
A2 Who The Fuck Are You And What Are You Doing In My Image Track
A3 Slaughter
A4 Choose Alienation
A5 C.A.Dub
B1 Media Assassin
B2 Twisted Hubbub N Din
B3 Synchronise Your Castor Oil Will You?
B4 Tell Laura I Love My Blue Heaven
B5 Time To Squeeze Out The Welchers




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May 21, 2012
Side one opens with "My Trigger Finger's Itching", a minimal drum piece with a confused soup of samples & found tapes speaking about genetic codes & DNA. "Who The Fuck Are You and What Are You Doing In My Image Track?" is an experimental Jazz thing with main focus on the drumming, which is crisp & deliberate, and the lunatic, screaming, squealing saxophone, with the manic guitar addig most of the actual noise, yet creating such a wall of churning grunge that it becomes almost indistinguishable. The whole piece sprawls & lumbers around as if an elephant on particularly strong hallucinogens were trying to dance in a tar pit. "S'Laughter" again has the same componants, yet the drumming is more machine-like & mechanical, while the sax & electronics create strange audio sculptures of squashed, mutated sound, all keen to gain their freedom. "Choose Alienation" uses strict, machine-like drumming & builds up something which reminds me of early BAUHAUS meets early BIRTHDAY PARTY, deciding to combine into a sort of TERMINATOR soundtrack - manic music with fuzzed-to-white vocals. "C.A.Dub" takes a similar music & varies the theme.
Side two opens with "Media Assassin", which is a thinner sound, using more mellow drumming & a less dense backdrop to create a mean, moody vocal piece with the sax restrained, back in the mix, seemingly struggling to escape from the mix that binds it. "Twisted Hubbub 'n' Din" is probably more passive than the title suggests, although by a matter of degrees. The drum track thuds & batters in experimental structures while the sax, liberated after the previous track, celebrates in manic excess, sprawling & climbing over the bass 'n' guitar landscape. "Synchronize Your Castor Oil Will You?" uses a slightly more interesting structure, although by no stretch of the imagination a 'normal' one. The drums keep a constant yet minimal spine while the sax & distorted morass of other sound - electronics & guitar - create an amorphous low-key grunge. "Tell Laura I Love My Blue Heaven" is perhaps the most original & experimental piece on the entire album - thumping heartbeat drums with a strange backdrop of sheetmetal guitar & electronic-cut-up sound soup. It's slow & fascinating. Finally comes "Time To Squeeze Out The Welchers", which is their best known track (unsurprisingly, as it has been remixed onto "Victims Of The Mixing Desk I", and has versions by MELX* on "Knock Out" & "Mind Machine"). It's fairly hooky, but doesn't compromise for commercialty, using their crazed sound in a more formed way.

I found myself liking this album a lot, although I wouldn't recommend it as a cure for migraine, hangovers or stubborn insomnia. Wild, crazy BLURT-like Jazz/Industrial crossover.

* MELX & ELECTRIC NOISE TWIST are the same people, yet playing different instruments. In E.N.T. Christoph Fringeli offers vocals, keyboards & guitar; Markus Kneubüler is on electronic percussion & Alex Buess contributes drums, while with MELX Alex copes with vocals, sound programming & drums; Christoph plays drums, keys & electronic percussive.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.