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Limitation: 2000

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  • Label Code: LC 6269


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March 31, 2018
edited 5 months ago

Listening to Elektro again for the first since 1996 (22+yrs later) has made me realize what an unexpected gem this album actually is. A impressive and quiet unusual album, even for FAX, that's certainly worth a re-listen, esp if forgotten, or just neglected over the years like I had done!

Elektro is a 47min rollercoaster listen into two opposite sides of electronic music. One delivering a modern mix of minimal and beatless Ambient. And two, an almost industrial sounding, 90's peak style of Hard-Trance/Electro. Trk 1 starts with a moody but chilled ambient that pulls you into its mono electro sound. Trk 1's quieter ambient unfolds as it links into trk 2, which quickly builds from ambient into a head pounding Hard-Trance/Electro track before quieting again down into a calmer spacey matrix style of ambient that's actually quiet mellowing that connects and becomes trk 3. Trk 3 then becomes trk 4, which again builds from the ambient into another Hard-Trance/Electro track that hooks you straight in, as like trk 2, with its straightforward heavy pounding style. Trk 5 ends with nice Namlook like ambient chiller. The album works well considering the quiet and loud sound opposites of each main genre adding a kind of 'the calm before the storm' suspense and feel to the album that actually works!



January 22, 2017
edited about 1 year ago

This album is a glorious ride, mixing industrialised ambiences with ruthless hard hitting beat that maintains a delightful sense of dehumanised inevitability. Could as well be a soundtrack to a Mad Max movie if it took place in the real world from Matrix. One of my all time favourites from Fax.


December 16, 2007
Industrial like samples mixed into a spacey electronic journey. It builds with a droney loop. Track two introduces some histrionic quirky synth samples, followed by a hard older styled techno beat. The beats continue through much of the 15 mins. The track fades with some ambient like melodies.

Mixing fluently into track three. The ambient tones continue in a drifting manner. The tones turn into some very chilled out ambience. slowing pulling you through space.

Track four changes tempo. This track is highlighted with a few synth samples that repeat over an over. The synth samples are rather high pitched. Without warning, a hard techno beat intrudes. Infectious dance beat (-8:25 is nice).

Track five begins with some dark soundtrack samples and mixes into some classic namlook ambient.

Much better than anticipated.


May 4, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
This is one of those FAX releases that really covers two opposite ends of the spectrum. Part I is quiet but noisy, and really a bit unsettling. Imagine 90's experimental electronic aesthetics meets Pink Floyd's "Speak to Me". Part II continues the same style, but this time with rhythm. It gradually becomes some real-hard-hitting techno, and about halfway through becomes full-on hardcore. It softens up moving into Part III and becomes soft and happy, like we've gone from factory mechanics to floating on clouds. We lose this and the second half of Part III is a quiet yet intense restatement of the bassline from Part II. The record doesn't want to settle quite yet. Part IV is an even louder and crazier version of Part II, and Part V reprises some sounds from Part I then moves into soft and dark ambient-ish sequences, like the mechanics from Parts II and IV are long since disused and are now overgrown with green vines. Very well done.

While I, III, & V may bore hardcore fans and II & IV may annoy ambient fans, electronic fans with open minds will find a lot to like here. Highly recommended, assuming you can find it.


August 11, 2003
Actually split into five tracks, veering between ambient passages and two long frantic full-on tracks. Very fine and different to the usual Fax low tempo material.