Element 4 ‎– Elements Of Trance

CDr, Album


1 Get Connection 2:19
2 Soleil De Ma Vie 9:16
3 Connect. I 0:34
4 Descent Running 8:11
5 Connect. II 0:29
6 Daytrain 6:51
7 Connect. III 0:47
8 Black Celebration 8:49
9 Connect. IV 1:05
10 Staccastation 9:14
11 Connect. V 0:24
12 Communicator 6:26
13 Connect. VI 0:51
14 Pulsetower 8:56
15 Connect. VII 0:42
16 Strangers Cry 8:54


© 1995 by U. Saher


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October 15, 2012
edited over 6 years ago

Ok Cdr album. I only like tracks 2, 8 & 12. The rest "real" tracks range from slight above average to average. A neat feature in this obscure CDr album are the Connect tracks which are little "bridges" that "Connect" the main tracks. Although they are ridiculously short, 2-4 minute would have been better times for those tracks. Didn't really feel the "Elements Of Trance" even though there is supposed to be variation in this release hence the title name and the artwork a lot of the tracks are acid trance. And were are my electro trance tracks? Glad it's not like Tiesto's - Elements Of Life. Cheese factor. Wish there was more variation in this release. Not a bad release overall but a lot better releases that do all the styles ranging from Trance, Ambient and Acid better.