Eliwagar ‎– I Vølven's Vev

Great Turf Deluxe ‎– GTD012
CD, Album, Limited Deluxe Digipack + 20 pages booklet released by GREAT TURF DELUXE RECORDS


1 Urdarbrunnr 2:31
2 I Vølven's Vev 4:17
3 Lys i Skyggen 4:00
4 Hjertet av Livstreet 2:50
5 Nordstjernen 5:26
6 Solhjul Bortenfor Nordavind 2:34
7 Vi Høster som Vi Sår 3:14
8 Vølven's Gravhaug 3:51
9 Sol og Måne 3:23
10 Almødre Vølur 3:54
11 Njardar's Vogn 4:26
12 I Njardar's Favn 3:27


Digipack deluxe + 20 pages booklet. Released by Great Turf Deluxe Records ( Spain ).
Mixed and mastered by Markus Skroch at Kalthallen Studios ( Germany ).
ELIWAGAR : I Vølven's Vev. Deluxe Digipack + 20 pages booklet.
I Vølven's Vev (in the volve's web) is a comeback to the roots of Eliwagar - pure heathen neofolk. A need to express my feelings in the most natural way for me. The use of electric instruments leave place to only acoustic and folk sounds in which I find the most intense and deepest energies. This release is also the return of Eliwagar as a one woman band.

The inspiration for "I Vølven's Vev" is deeply rooted into strong spiritual experiences shared with some people who truly enriched my life. This album doesn't feel like only coming from my inner spirit, all the people met along the way, all those who sang and drummed, smiled and shared memories with me brought life to an amazingly powerful source of inspiration. One of the songs is also coming from the depth of a burial mound, from the whisper of the dead who sometimes send us a dream or a melody to share a memory and wisdom from the past.

I am truly thankful for every soul who crossed my way over the past year, in this world and in every other world my journey made me wander through. You all make me feel home and find peace following my own destiny. You are my kinsfolk and all of your beautiful energy and the own song your spirit sings has intertwined with mine and created this harmonious artwork that I could translate into music and lyrics.

"I Vølven's Vev" is an echo from the roots, an inspiration from the heart and a reflection of a life journey.

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October 19, 2016

By: Jeff. Rating: 9/10. WWW.FOLKMETAL.NET

To describe any of the albums in the Eliwagar catalog in a few simple words is impossible. Mesmerizing is definitely one word that comes to mind but still does not encompass the power, passion, purity and overall mood of any of the albums. “I Vølven’s Vev” continues their history of epic releases and I feel is their best album to date.
Steeped in traditional Norwegian folk with a connection to ambient and soundtrack stylings, “I Vølven’s Vev” will definitely cater and entrance those into the heavier Scandinavian (or anywhere for that matter) folk/pagan/Viking music…. much in the way Wardruna or Idis Orlog does for me. Once again, you cannot have FOLK METAL without FOLK and this is where you should begin as a gateway into all things traditional folk music. Runahild (all music and vocals) has tapped into the nature and landscape of her native lands once again for an incredible effort, filled with beautiful harmonies, layered vocals and nature sounds. I tried on numerous occasions while listening to this to turn it up as loud as I could to drown out the outside world and become fully immersed in this. If you succeed, you will feel the wind blowing across your face and the tears come to your eyes longing for the solitude that this album will take you to……yes, it is that powerful. The tracks are relatively short (2-6 minutes) but there is a feeling of ease from one track to the next and it does not inhibit the experience with the dead air between them……you have time to ponder what you heard before the next track begins. While all still very much rooted together, there are tracks that are very stripped down with only vocal tracks layered one upon another with simple instrumentation, be it flute, guitar, fiddle, mouth harp or numerous other instruments and other which will have drums and percussion but very subtly so. As I eluded to earlier, you could make the case that this could be a combination of a folk/ambient and almost soundtrack album and I think you would be right with all of the above as this transcends “tracks” and becomes more like “memories” after a few listens. Vocalization is also very diverse with linear singing to chanting and other styles and Runahild harmonizing to her own voice is something you will delve into more and more, listening for the subtle nuances with each passage. As powerful as any metal album, “I Vølven’s Vev” is introspective, uplifting, powerful, majestic, hypnotizing….see I told you one word is impossible. An amazing album and a contender for one of my favorite albums of 2016