Elsie Spicer Eells ‎– The Islands Of Magic



Princess Bluegreen Of The Seven Cities – The Story Of The Origin Of The Azores 13:24
The Islands Of Flowers – Another Story Of The Origin Of The Islands 3:16
Why Dogs Sniff – The Story Of The Dogs' Dinner Party 4:14
Longstaff, Pinepuller And Rockheaver – The Story Of Three Friends 18:48
The Table, The Sifter And The Pinchers – The Story Of The King's Laborer And His Wages 7:02
Linda Branca And Her Mask – The Story Of The Girl Who Did Not Like To Be Pretty 12:52
Fresh Figs – The Story Of A Clever Youth And A Foolish One 7:16
Peter-of-the-Pigs – The Story Of A Sharp Lad And A Sharper 4:13
The Princess Who Lost Her Rings – The Story The Lame Old Women Told 10:15
The Master Of Magic – The Story Of A Boy Who Learned His Lessons In School 5:04
St. Anthony's Godchild – The Story Of Antonia Who Became A King's Page 4:25
Trouble When One's Young – The Story Of A Maid's Choice 7:22
The Little Maid Who Was Wise – The Story Of A Robber Who Was Outwitted 10:21
Manoel Littlebean – The Story Of How He Helped His Father 6:00
The Necklace Of Pearls – The Story Of A Water-nymph And An Island Lad 13:32
The Daughter Of The King Of Naples – The Story Of A Prince's Quest 11:09
Maria-of-the-Forest – The Story Of A King And His Fate 6:27
The Seven Enchanted Princes – The Story Of How Honoria Kept Her Promise 10:50
The Listening King – The Story Of The Trouble Which Came To Him 10:36
José The Beast Slayer – The Story Of A Boy Who Grew Up In The Forest 9:30
The Princess Of The Lost Island – The Story Of Euphemia And Her Good Deeds 3:22
Why The Alvéloa Bird Received A Blessing – The Story Of The Bird Of Good Luck 2:51
Why The Codorniz Bird Received A Curse – A Story Of The Bird Who Walks Humbly 1:23
Outside The Door Like The Mother Of St. Peter – A Story Of Why She Stays Outside 3:33
Why The Owl Flies At Night – A Story Of Good St. Anthony 6:23
The Laborer And His Master – The Story Of A Man Who Outfitted Another 2:09
'Tis Faith Which Saves – The Story Of A Maid Who Was Betrothed To One She Trusted 4:34
St. Brendan's Island – The Story Of The Little Maid Who Found It 7:54
The Silent Cavalier – The Story Of The Peach Tree 4:34
The Enchanted Palace – The Story Of Lake Ginjal 5:06
The Friend Of The Devil – A Story Of The Islands In The Bay Of Angra 6:20
The Miller's Cloak – The Story Of A Man Who Tried To Stay Home From Church 3:53
The Magic Mouthful – The Story Of A Woman Who Quarreled 4:26
The Messengers – The Story Of A Youth Who Met Death 4:35

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