Elton John ‎– The Elton John Collection

The Rocket Record Company ‎– 6685 175
8 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 Your Starter For... 1:25
A2 Tonight 8:02
A3 One Horse Town 5:47
A4 Chameleon 5:27
B1 Boogie Pilgrim 6:03
B2 Cage The Songbird 3:28
B3 Crazy Water 5:42
B4 Shoulder Holster 4:20
C1 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 3:43
C2 Out Of The Blue 6:10
C3 Between Seventeen And Twenty 5:10
C4 The Wide-Eyed And Laughing 3:20
C5 Someone's Final Song 4:00
D1 Where's The Shoorah? 4:10
D2 If There's A God In Heaven (What's He Waiting For?) 4:20
D3 Idol 4:10
D4 Theme From A Non-Existent TV Series 1:20
D5 Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance!) 6:37
E1 Shine On Through 3:40
E2 Return To Paradise 4:12
E3 I Don't Care 4:20
E4 Big Dipper 4:00
E5 It Ain't Gonna Be Easy 8:23
F1 Part Time Love 3:12
F2 Georgia 4:47
F3 Shooting Star 2:43
F4 Madness 6:07
F5 Reverie 0:52
F6 Song For Guy 6:34
G1 Johnny B. Goode 8:06
G2 Warm Love In A Cold World 3:22
G3 Born Bad 6:20
H1 Thunder In The Night 4:40
H2 Spotlight 4:22
H3 Street Boogie 3:53
H4 Victim Of Love 5:02
I1 Chasing The Crown 5:36
I2 Little Jeannie 5:18
I3 Sartorial Eloquence 4:44
I4 Two Rooms At The End Of The World 5:37
J1 White Lady White Powder 4:35
J2 Dear God 3:45
J3 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 4:07
J4 Take Me Back 3:52
J5 Give Me The Love 5:19
K1 Breaking Down Barriers 4:40
K2 Heart In The Right Place 5:13
K3 Just Like Belgium 4:08
K4 Nobody Wins 3:42
K5 Fascist Faces 5:10
L1 Carla/Etude 4:45
L2 Fanfare 1:26
L3 Chloe 4:39
L4 Heels Of The Wind 3:37
L5 Elton's Song 3:03
L6 The Fox 5:13
M1 Dear John 3:31
M2 Spiteful Child 4:15
M3 Ball And Chain 3:27
M4 Legal Boys 3:05
M5 I Am Your Robot 4:43
M6 Blue Eyes 3:25
N1 Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) 5:09
N2 Princess 4:56
N3 Where Have All The Good Times Gone 4:00
N4 All Quiet On The Western Front 5:59
O1 Take Me Down To The Ocean 4:06
O2 Love So Cold 4:58
O3 The Retreat 4:45
O4 Conquer The Sun 4:14
O5 Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You 4:10
O6 White Man Danger 5:10
P1 Cartier 0:46
P2 Hey Papa Legba 5:11
P3 Fools In Fashion 4:12
P4 Tactics 2:41
P5 Lovesick 3:53
P6 Strangers 4:25
P7 I Cry At Night 4:03


Custom box set with six Australian LP's ("Blue Moves" through "Jump Up") and a bonus album of B-sides.