Emmanuel Mieville ‎– Juryo: Durée de la Vie de L'ainsi​-​venu

Crónica ‎– Crónica 126~2017
CD, Album


1 Tanit Astarté
2 Nyorai
3 Murasaki
4 Taisi Funeral


The title of this album comes from the Japanese translation of the Sanskrit word and points to a chapter of the Lotus Sūtra, one the most famous text of Mahāyāna Buddhism.

All tracks, except Tanit Astarté, are drawn from this inspiration cycle, and materials include different field recordings from Asia. Recordings of Tibetan nuns from Copan monastery and FM radio in Hong Kong were used in Nyorai. Murasaki means “purple” in Japanese and was composed after a trip to Japan, and the frequent immersion onto the stages of Butō dancers. Taisi Funeral is a recording of Buddhist chanting for a deceased person recorded in a small village of Taiwan, mingled with my own synthesis sounds. Tanit Astarté is a quotation from Antonin Artaud’s book Héliogabale, and refers to the moon goddess, as described in Phoenician myths.

Special thanks to Yuko Hirota for the recording in Tibet, and to Liping Ting.