Erasermen ‎– Erase This Pen - The Erasermen Collection 1992/2008

Snaps Music ‎– none
Memory Stick, Limited Edition, Compilation
82 × File, MP3

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Muscle Head Music
MP3-1 Mr Nicotine
MP3-2 Up You Tunnels
MP3-3 Soft Landing
MP3-4 Candy Factory Man
MP3-5 Wabbits
MP3-6 Teenage Lust On Heavy Planet
MP3-7 While My Guitar
MP3-8 Black Ice
MP3-9 Earth Died Screamin
Twice His Size
MP3-10 Everything Twice His Size
MP3-11 Moaning
MP3-12 Hail Sun
MP3-13 Craters
Don't Let Your Belly Grow Up
MP3-14 Peter
MP3-15 Dick Moby
MP3-16 Craters (Moon Version)
MP3-17 Move
MP3-18 Peter (MS20 Dept V2)
Remix – MS20 Dept.
MP3-19 Dick Moby (Ups Subsonic Mix)
Remix – UPS (2)
MP3-20 Craters (Steak 6/8 Dub)
Remix – Alex D. Steak
MP3-21 Move (Budinos Mono Mix)
Remix – Budino
Erase This Tune
MP3-22 Sick Boy (Remix)
Remix – Yellowcake
MP3-23 Mistah Nicotine (Remix)
Remix – Olo E Vox
MP3-24 Moaning (Remix)
Remix – DJ Borderline
MP3-25 Black Ice (Remix)
Remix – Yellowcake
MP3-26 Mistah Nicotine (Remix)
Remix – Alex D. Steak
MP3-27 Black Ice (Remix)
Remix – Jacopo Andreini
MP3-28 Craters (Remix)
Remix – Olo E Vox
MP3-29 Mistah Nicotine (Remix)
Remix – Miarabilia
MP3-30 Craters (Remix)
Remix – Alex D. Steak
MP3-31 Soft Landing (Remix)
Remix – DJ Borderline
MP3-32 Wabbits (Remix)
Remix – Jealousy Party
Erase This Tune (The Remixes)
MP3-33 Sick Boy (Softcore Remix)
MP3-34 Craters (Funk Deformation Remix)
MP3-35 Softlanding (Noise Remix)
Back Up
MP3-36 Cheap Noise (Intro)
MP3-37 A Very Sad Song For The 90's
MP3-38 Cum Gum
MP3-39 Rubber Doll
MP3-40 What Shell We Do To Elizabeth Taylor
MP3-41 Little Man With A Gun In This Hand
MP3-42 Fry Me
MP3-43 Calling Captain From The Radar Station
MP3-44 Pack Up Your Troubles
MP3-45 Goodbye My Dick
MP3-46 Backyard
MP3-47 I Once Met Jeffrey Lee
MP3-48 Cowboys Lullabye
MP3-49 Dog On A Leash
MP3-50 Onanist Playtime
MP3-51 Dental Tragedy (Snare In Your Ass Remix)
MP3-52 Viva Alan Vega
MP3-53 I'm Going Down
MP3-54 Craters
MP3-55 Big Breast Women
MP3-56 Whipping Post
The Stone & The Smile
MP3-57 Disputing The Bones
MP3-58 Dunces?
MP3-59 Pig's Big Pose
MP3-60 Goodbye Dear Tits
MP3-61 Under The Influence Of Concrete Clouds
MP3-62 A...Narcotic
MP3-63 Nothing
MP3-64 One Step Back
MP3-65 Lizard In The Fridge
MP3-66 Erase The Pusher
MP3-67 French Fries
MP3-68 He Got The Car
Goodbye Dear Tits EP
MP3-69 Goodbye Dear Tits (Album Version)
MP3-70 Goodbye Dear Tits (Summertime Remix)
MP3-71 Goodbye Dear Tits (Demo Version)
MP3-72 Goodbye Dear Tits (Floating In Hype...)
V.A. Nel Nome Del Punk
MP3-73 A...Narcotic (Pogos Screaming Remix)
V.A. Snaps Compilation
MP3-74 Dick Moby (Demo Version)
Heart Cut
MP3-75 One Step Back (Pop Cut Mix)
Remix – Yellowcake
V.A. Chain D.L.K.
MP3-76 Moaning (Budino Sunday Rmx The Day After)
Remix – Budino
The Green Single
MP3-77 French Fries (Easyland Mix)
MP3-78 French Fries (Album Version)
The Remix & The Stone
MP3-79 Pig's Big Pose (80's Poser Remix)
Remix – Alex D. Steak
MP3-80 Erase The Pusher (56k V.90 Dub)
Remix – Alex D. Steak
The Erasermen Videos
VIDEO Goodbye Dear Tits (Live At Emerson 25/10/1992)
MP3-81 Chocolate Jesus
MP3-82 Soluble Fly


Special Xmas Edition