Eric Lunde ‎– N3845 W10452.5/7.5

RRRecords ‎– RRR 035, N4300 W8752 ‎– none
2 × Vinyl, 7"
Box Set


A1 "Every Point Of Erosion..." [1-5] Garden Of The Gods, South Gateway Rock (Renamed: 'The Lung')
A2 Specimen Recording "Earth" At The Lung [1-5]
A3 East Of Buena Visa, San Isabel Forest: Specimen Recording "The Hole" With Stream By Castle Rock ("Tumor")
A4 Same Location, Previous Recording Eroded And Played Back With "The Hole" And The Stream
B1 "Earth" At Fountain Creek
B2 "Gouge The Topography Of The Canyon Into The Flesh Of The Victim" Williams Canyon
B3 The "Hole" In Williams Canyon
B4 "1st The Body Is Sprawled In A Position..." Williams Canyon
B5 Erosion Of The Rock, Cheyenne Cañon
B6 Cheyenne Cañon Sonic Contour Of Features With The "Hole"
B7 Bone Trumpet At "Cock" (Name Unknown, Renamed "Alamut" For Final Presentation 7/15)
C1 "Fistrock", "Cock" Cheyenne Cañon
C2 "The Sheath That Is The Soil...", Ship Rock Area Of Garden Of The Gods (Renamed: "Ventricle Garden)
C3 The "Hole" At The Sleeping Indian, Garden Of The Gods (Renamed: The Pelvis)
C4 "The Mans Body, The Womans Body..." The Pelvis
C5 "Dead Factories Are The Battleground Of Dead Ideologies" The Ruins
D1 "Alamut Now!", From Final Presentation, 7/15 At Alamut, Cheyenne Cañon, Mixed With All Specimen Recordings, The Earth, The Hole, Alamut



Two 7" in a white carton box, sealed with a sticker, in a stamped cloth bag. Comes with 3 folded inserts, 4 cards and 1 sticker.

A1-A4 recorded 7/12/88
B1-C1 recorded 7/13/88
C2 recorded 7/14/88
C3-C4, D1 recorded 7/15/88
C5 recorded 7/16/88