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April 9, 2018
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ESTRADASPHERE was an experimental-rock band formed in Santa Cruz, CA in 1998. The band, which in its last incarnation was based in Seattle, WA consisted of six multi-instrumentalists from a variety of musical backgrounds trained in disciplines ranging from Classical music and Jazz to Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal. The band is on “a permanent hiatus” since 2010.

“Palace of Mirrors”, which was released in 2006 through The End Records, is the fifth and final full-length album by the band. Beyond six core band-members, the brass section, two string quartets, the mail choir, and other thirteen auxiliary musicians were involved in its creation. The album presents 13 all instrumental compositions clocking in at over 50 minutes, and ranging from strictly organized, orchestrated pieces to weird and obscured experimental soundscapes. In fact, listening “Palace of Mirrors” is like studying sophisticated ornaments, whose separate elements and details stylistically correlate Contemporary Classical music, Latin, Balkan, Greek and Gypsy music, Surf and Funk, Chanson Pop and RIO, Prog-Rock and Jazz-Fusion, Avant-Metal, Dark Ambient, Post-Rock, Cinematic Rock, etc. (yes, the musicians had all good reasons to proclaim themselves inventors of bizarre styles such as Spaghetti Eastern, Romanian Gypsy-Metal, or Bulgarian Surf). Everything over here is conceived and performed with incredible imagination, taste, aesthetic, artistry, and humor making “Palace of Mirrors one of the most listenable and enjoyable Estradasphere’s album.

Overall, this is nothing short of a masterpiece, a must have for those who are interested in truly creative, deviant, and inventive Rock music!


September 27, 2011
referencing Palace Of Mirrors, CD, Album, TE077
AMAZING! I originally dismissed this album as i was really into the old Estradasphere and on first listen it sounded like they had gone a bit dull and classical, i obviously didn't listen all the way through! This is some kind of strange concept album containing all the usual styles we expect from the band but with a lot more classical influence, probably because Timb Harris wrote a lot of music on this one. Perfectly structured with some amazing mew musicians... well, the drums aren't up to much but i think Dave Murray had some pretty big shoes to fill, the new guy puts in a good effort but his drumming isn't that interesting, especially in the metal bits. That aside thought, musicianship is better than ever before and the same goes for composition. There's also a lot more 70's King Crimson influence than there ever wwas earlier, Flower Garden of an Evil Man sounds like it could have been an extra track to accompany the instrumentals on Larks Tongues in Aspic, The riffs are total Fripp and the violin is nuts!
Buy this album if you like music in general, any music... It is one of the best releases of the millenium so far. Shame they seem to have split up.