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February 12, 2006
edited over 13 years ago

I'd say this is an album designed for home listening when you're in the mood for smooth, quality progressive trance. Listening to it intense from one end to another, on the other hand, might be a little troublesome. Don't get me wrong. All tracks have something to say and I hear no fillers, but over the length of an album it can become a little flat.

Fortunately, there are a couple of absolutely outstanding tracks too. To me far & away the best track here is track 2 Wishes. When the lead melody kicks in at 3:25 after a long and strong build-up everything turns perfect. Whow, I'm just floating away with the owly lead sound. Pure bliss! Got my senses back, Electrical inspiration, and Miscommunication are also quite enjoyable and should definitely set the dance floor sparking.

Then again, I might change my mind altogether of what tracks I like if I heard this at the right time at night. The general feel here is somewhat dark, and what may come across as flat at home might come across as deep trance at night if I manage to get onboard the wagon. If you're into progressive, anyway, you wanna give this a shot. It certainly is well produced.


December 20, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Etic (Etay Harari) from Israel surprised many people in a positive way when he released his debut album Touch Ups on Trancelucent Productions in 2004. He gave us some really groovy, dark progressive tracks that were appreciated both by darkpsy lovers and the progressive crowd. Now he is back with his second album on Trancelucent.

He starts with a pretty slow, groovy track with a waving sound going through the entire track. We also get some nice and crispy sounds and scary movie samples. Track 2 has some crystal clear sounds, really cool echoes and a nice, pumping drift. Something for early night. Quite dark and mystic from beginning to end, but with some nice lightening melodies above. Track 3 goes even more groovy. Totally deep, drifting trance. It’s rare to find such deep, trippy tracks from Israel these days. Nice one. Track 4 is a really heavy, pumping track, with great echoing, crispy sounds. Pleasent for listening on your head phones or for an evening on the dancefloor. Track 5 goes the same trippy direction. Really mystic sound picture all the way. Perfect for the night.

Track 6 goes even more night time. It’s very drifting all the way. No tak offs, just trippy, floating trance. Track 7 is my favourite track on this album. Deep and trippy, quite fast progressive trance. Something for flying on the dancefloor. Nice! Track 8 has the album title. Groovy, pumpy track with some atmospheric sounds going in and out of the track. Not bad at all! Crystal clear sounds all the way. Finally, track 9 goes another direction. Here we get a nice, relaxing chill out track. Floating vibes with dubby beats. Sounds like a last track on an album, but we also get something on track 10. This one starts weird with some evil laughter. Then it turns into a break beat track. Quite interesting.

This album is even better than his debut album. Some really nice, groovy progressive trance here, mostly of the dark kind. Also nice to see that he adds a break beat track and a chilled one at the end of the album. For sure one of the best releases from Trancelucent Productions so far.


August 15, 2005
edited over 13 years ago

I find that Etic has really improved his production skills since Touch Ups.
The sound has evolved to more groovy-full on (like some Com.pact & moonstone stuffs) instead of pure groove.
The cover too has benefited from a decent cover compared to his first album.

Otherwise, the music results pleasant to listen, but with nothing special that makes you say 'Whaou!", nothing brainblasting or revolutionary.

All the tracks are enjoyable, i don't have special favorites on Feedback.


August 12, 2005
edited over 13 years ago

Hybrid grooves pt. II

Trancelucent Productions from Israel is out with their 13th release – this time the second album by Israeli producer Etay Harari who really took me by surprise with his very nice debut album Touch Ups released in 2004… That album was a groovy hybrid of smooth progressive trance and full-on’ish nite-music… So yeah, I’m looking forward to find out what Etay has cooked up for us this time…

While Touch Ups was a very big, positive surprise to me, with Feedback I kinda knew what to expect… And my expectations were higher accordingly… I’m happy to say, that for the most part, they were met… This is a good album – and the best thing Trancelucent has released since the Misted Muppet album last year… With only a couple of exceptions, I like most tracks here… Etay masters both progressive and full-on, but obviously I like the progressive efforts the best – and by the volume of output, it seems Etay likes progressive the best too – and he’s not forgetting his Israeli heritage…

I see it as a very mature album – bereft of the most obvious pitfalls and Etay really manages to put a melodic spin on progressive trance – and for the most part, he creates one fine hybrid after the other… Well done! There seems to be a general consensus about the cover-art being really cool here – but I have to disagree… The color-scheme is ok, but those digital chicks with sun-glasses? Come on!? Anyway, don’t let the cover fool you – this is high-quality tunage… Recommended to fans of groovy, progressive trance with rich melodic influences… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!), 3, 4, 7(!), 8(!)