Europe (2) ‎– Wings Over Japan

Zodiac (9) ‎– ZODIAC 107
4 × CD, Limited Edition, Promo, Unofficial Release


Botton Line, Nagoya, Japan 13th January 2015 (Part One)
CD1-1 Pre Show Music
CD1-2 Introduction / Wings Of Tomorrow
CD1-3 Stormwind
CD1-4 Scream Of Anger
CD1-5 Open Your Heart
CD1-6 Treated Bad Again
CD1-7 Aphasia
CD1-8 Wings Of Tomorrow
CD1-9 Wasted Time
CD1-10 Lyin' Eyes
CD1-11 Dreamer
CD1-12 Dance The Night Away
Botton Line, Nagoya, Japan 13th January 2015 (Part Two)
CD2-1 Introduction
CD2-2 Riches To Rags
CD2-3 Firebox
CD2-4 Prisoners In Paradise
CD2-5 Love Is Not The Enemy
CD2-6 Superstitious
CD2-7 Seven Doors Hotel
CD2-8 Drum Solo (William Tell Overture)
CD2-9 Ninja
CD2-10 The Beast
CD2-11 Rock The Night
CD2-12 Last Look At Eden
CD2-13 The Final Countdown
CD2-14 Bring It All Home (Outro)
Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 14th January 2015 (Part One)
CD3-1 Pre Show Music
CD3-2 Introduction / Wings Of Tomorrow
CD3-3 Stormwind
CD3-4 Scream Of Anger
CD3-5 Open Your Heart
CD3-6 Treated Bad Again
CD3-7 Aphasia
CD3-8 Wings Of Tomorrow
CD3-9 Wasted Time
CD3-10 Lyin' Eyes
CD3-11 Dreamer
CD3-12 Dance The Night Away
Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 14th January 2015 (Part Two)
CD4-1 Introduction
CD4-2 Riches To Rags
CD4-3 Firebox
CD4-4 Prisoners In Paradise
CD4-5 Love Is Not The Enemy
CD4-6 Superstitious
CD4-7 Seven Doors Hotel
CD4-8 Drum Solo (William Tell Overture)
CD4-9 Ninja
CD4-10 The Beast
CD4-11 Rock The Night
CD4-12 Last Look At Eden
CD4-13 The Final Countdown
CD4-14 Bring It All Home (Outro)



Limited Edition