Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger ‎– The Fight Game

Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono


1 'Twas In Tierra Del Fuego In South Amerikay... 2:13
2 There's A Game Some Call The Fight Game... 3:15
3 Boxing, To Me, Is The Greatest Character-Builder In The World... 4:40
4 Come All You Gallant Fighting Men... 1:54
5 Come On Johnny, And Put 'Em Up Johnny... 3:02
6 When You're A Fighter, You're Different... 3:25
7 Then Come On, Strip Off Young Johnny Boy... 3:50
8 I Like All My Boxers To Be Perfect Skippers... 1:52
9 When You're Training... 4:11
10 There's Such A Helluva Lot Of Work To Be Done... 3:46
11 The Programme Is Set Up... 2:35
12 Who Would Have A Boxer For A Husband... 2:58
13 You Get To The Hall... 3:31
14 On My Right, The Champion, Johnny Boy... 8:46
15 What'll We Do With The Man In The Ring... 1:34
16 Johnny, Johnny, You Failed Us... 3:31
17 I Don't Think You Can Call Boxing A Sport... 4:16



A radio-ballad is a sound tapestry woven of four basic elements: songs, instrumental music, sound effects, and the recorded voices of those with whose lives each programme deals. The radio-ballads were a joint creation by Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger. These programmes were revolutionary at the time, using as they did the actual spoken words of the 'informants'. Up until this time, this 'actuality' (as the trio dubbed it) was transcribed and then interpreted by trained radio speakers. The radio-ballads led you effortlessly from song to music to sound effect to the spoken word and back again, revealing the effort of a way of life upon those who lead it. They are entertaining, informative, musical, poetic and educational. There were eight radio-ballads, created between 1957 and 1964.

The Fight Game was originally released in 1967.