Ex Continent ‎– Matadero S​/N

Matadero s/n is a multimedia project curated by Lucía Lijtmaer which unites Lucía, the writer and editor Servando Rocha and Ex Continent — the project has its focus on the location of the Matadero Art Center in Madrid, the city’s former slaughterhouse. And more specifically, the main square where most public activities take place. Because of the particularly rich history of the location, Servando, traced a psycho-geographic map of the space, dividing it in sections.

The project was presented in the center, as an installation and an Ex Continent Live performance on August the 19th, 2017.

Some sound samples used in the Live Set have been extracted from — mma.soundreaders.org


"En Plan Salvaje" (Rastro) 9:12
"Parece Que Todavía Lo Tengo Grabado" (Abismo) 6:56
"A Las Casas A Vivir" (Luz / Oscuridad) 14:30

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