Exhumed ‎– Platters Of Splatter

Power It Up ‎– P.I.U. #134
4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Grey/Black Marbled

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A1 Horrendous Member Dismemberment 2:21
A2 Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Mallignancy Part II) 4:07
A3 Masochistic Copromania 1:18
A4 Necroveres: Decomposing The Inanimate 2:48
A5 Disinterred, Digested, And Debauched 2:07
A6 Bone Fucker 2:34
A7 The Naked And The Dead 1:47
A8 Necro-Transvestite 2:35
B1 Torso 1:07
B2 Dissecting The Caseated Omentum 4:15
B3 Death Metal
Written-By – Possessed
B4 Goreified 1:55
B5 Emeticide 1:14
B6 Pus Grinder 2:38
B7 Torso 2000 2:23
C1 Totally Fucking Dead 2:13
C2 Dead Again 2:48
C3 Gory Melanoma 1:47
C4 Necro-Voyeur 2:34
C5 Indignities To The Dead 2:24
C6 Masterpieces 3:11
D1 Instruments Of Hell 1:52
D2 Carneous Corneal Carbonization 3:30
D3 Blood And Alcohol 0:57
D4 Oozing Rectal Feast 3:22
D5 Outro: A Decrepit Denouement 0:54
D6 No Presents For Christmas
Written-By – King Diamond
D7 Cannibal Apocalypse
Written-By – Impetigo
D8 Exhume To Consume
Written-By – Carcass
E1 Intro: A Purulent Prelude To Putrescent Pyosisification 0:45
E2 Excreting Innards 1:25
E3 Vagitarian 3:52
E4 Grotesque Putrefied Brains 2:11
E5 The Exquisite Flavour Of Gastro-Anal Tripe 2:54
E6 Sex, Drinks And Metal
Written-By – Sarcofago*
F1 Radiator Bitch 3:10
F2 Excoriated, Emasculated, And Dead 4:10
F3 Quagmire Of Flesh 4:41
F4 Puke Of The Dead 2:32
F5 Carneous Corneal Carbonization 3:37
F6 Vagitarian 3:02
G1 Grotesque Putrefied Brains 2:25
G2 Pyathrotic Discorporation 3:02
G3 Excreting Innards 1:36
G4 Festering Sphinctral Malignancy 3:48
G5 Perverse Innard Infestation 2:45
G6 Coital Mutilation 3:52
G7 Grubs 0:05
G8 Disfigured Corpse 0:05
G9 Cadaveric Splatter Platter 1:59
H1 Caseating Decomposition 3:39
H2 Embryonic Regordation 3:32
H3 Oozing Rectal Feast 3:14
H4 Culinary Pathology 4:45
H5 Scrubs 0:12
H6 Ziploc Bodybag 2:56


Sub-title: A cyclopedic symposium of excretable errata and abhorrent apocrypha 1992-2002.

A 4xLP box-set collecting together all of Exhumed's demos, 7"s & other rarities. The deluxe box comes with 4 heavyweight 180 gr. vinyl LP's and a huge 8 sided booklet with massive information and linernotes. The DIE HARD Version comes in grey/black marbled vinyl and is limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

LP 1:
A1-B3: "In the name of gore" split CD with Hemdale
B4: Bonustrack from "Slaughtercult" and Japanese version "Slaughtercult: fester forever"
B5: Split 7" with Sanity's dawn and split 7" with Gadget
B6: Split 7" with Sanity's dawn
B7: Japanese version "Slaughtercult: fester forever" and split 7" with Gadget
C1-C2: "Totally fucking dead" split 7" with Nyctophobic
C3-C4: "Tales of the exhumed" split 7" with Retaliation
C5-C6: "Indignities to the dead" split 7" with Pantalones abajo merenero
D1-D2: "Instruments of hell" split 7" with No comply
D3-D4: "Blood and alcohol" split 7" with Pale existence
D6: "Tribute to King Diamond" compilation
D7: "Wizards of gore: A tribute to Impetigo" compilation and Japanese version "Slaughtercult: Fester forever"
D8: "Requiems of revulsion: A tribute to Carcass" compilation and Japanese version "Slaughtercult: Fester forever"
LP 3:
E1-E6: "Chords of chaos" split CD with Ear bleeding disorder, Necrose and Excreted alive
F1-F6: "Horrific expulsion of gore" demo
LP 4:
G1-G3: "Grotesque putrefied brains" demo
G4-G9: "Excreting innards" 7"
H1-H6: "Dissecting the caseated omentum" demo