Exit In Grey ‎– Моменты

Frozen Light ‎– FZL 065
CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered


1 Моменты 52:31


  • Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice, Effects[S]
  • Sounds, Design[S]


CD in digifile. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.
This recording features mixes of selected parts from two live shows: 18/03/2017 @ NOTMUSIC - ITISNOTHERE and 21.12.2014 @ Drёma VI - Ожидание ветра.


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April 15, 2020

Original: ConcreteWeb ( https://www.concreteweb.be/reviews/exit-grey-0 )

Exactly two years after the grandiose recording One Lumen In The Past (http://www.concreteweb.be/reviews/exit-grey), Exit In Grey come up with моменты (read: ‘momenty’), getting released once more via Moscow-based Frozen Light. I would like to refer to that review when interested in the history of Exit In Grey (or that specific album; why shouldn’t you anyway?). Like the former album, this one comes in a very beautiful package, being a digipack in a larger format (digifile), hand-numbered and including fine photography. The release is limited to 300 copies, so take this as a warning.

This album, translated as ‘moments’, consists of one very long piece (52:31!), which actually is an organic symbiosis of two live-recorded excerpts, done on two festivals in respectively 2017 (Notmusic - Itisnothere) and 2014 (Drëma VI). Моменты starts quite integer, relaxed and tranquil. Frontman [S] (aka Sergey Sukhovik) brings a dreamlike, bewitching Drone section, created by (prepared?) guitar. Despite a specific long-form approach, sort of monotone and long-stretched, you might notice a permanent evolution. Slowly on, this sonic event progresses, weaving beautiful yet dense, heavy layers of sound. The grievous and little woeful mood in combination with the semi-meditative atmosphere is, in an organic way, adventuresome and inspirational. The constant evolution in tone-setting and sphere creates that attraction, and it won’t let you go, it won’t let you lose your attention. It will open your vision and let you trespass a mysterious world of transcendentalism and inner equilibrium. Almost cinematic in nature, this enigmatic soundscape canalises the opposites of the endlessness of space with the arduous quest for introspection.

The second chapter is, despite a more desolate mood, more abstruse and, at the same time, melancholic and floaty. It brings a deep, almost provocative and claustrophobic ambience. There is another richness of sounds and aural layers, and it feels like the elements of Mother Nature have penetrated the essence. I do feel a soft breeze caressing my skin. Here too, the sustained evolution, sometimes expanding yet then again returning into an embryonic state, gives the listening experience that mesmerizing grandeur. There are many delicate, exciting details to uncover, subtle yet ingenious elements to encounter.

Моменты is another magic listening experience, which confuses my emotional state of mind and pleases my search for aural satisfaction. Recommended, highly recommended…
Ivan Tibos.


July 11, 2018

Original: Vital Weekly ( http://www.vitalweekly.net/1139.html )

Of course I looked up what the Russian title is supposed to mean. I am curious enough for that and obviously I'd like to check its relevance to the music. However I am never sure if I then should use the translation. With Google translate there is a risk of being horribly wrong. The title means 'moments' and behind Exit In Grey is [S], also Sergey Suhovik (in his passport) and Black Deal With Snow, Candyman And Evil Flowers, Five Elements Music, Radioson, Redhouse, Sergey Suhovik and Sister Loolomie (on Discogs). Many names with not always the clearest of differences between what he produces. Not that I know all of his projects, but for instance Exit In Grey and Five Elements Music is very close in musical terms. Exit in Grey used to be a duo but is now a solo project of [S]. Much of what he does revolves and evolves around the mighty world of drone music and in that respect this is new work is not different. In the first two-thirds or so this comes via a heavy storm of heavily processed field recordings, forming this vast, thick mass of drone sounds. A cloud of clustered church organs if you will, or some densely layered guitar sounds. Anything is possible really yet judging by the final one-third I would think the guitar is the primary source of music. In that part the more melodic side of Exit In Grey pops up with some highly sorrowful bucket of tunes on the six strings and e-bow. That and of course a whole bunch of sound effects; loop stations of whatever kind seems to me the most likely candidate. Robert Fripp would be happy with such a grandson. I am not sure what the word 'moments' reflect, other than that it is maybe a title that fits the idea of the moment in which this music is playing, the very moment it exists and then doesn't again. It moves from quite dark in the beginning towards some beautiful shimmering light towards the end and is divided in various moments. This is a fine solid work, not Exit In Grey's best or most original work, but surely among his best. (FdW)