Ezekiel Honig ‎– Prologuing The Inevitable

Konque ‎– KQ004
3 × File, MP3


1 Prologuing The Inevitable 6:10
2 A Slow Urban Rowboat 11:13
3 Prologuing The Inevitable (David Last Remix) 5:18


Ezekiel Honig’s late 2008 release “Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band” from his own label Anticipate was one of the best full length electronic albums last year according to respected sources like Resident Advisor. Continuing Konque’s dedication to unique and innovative electronic music, Ezekiel Honig’s "Prologuing the Inevitable" EP rolls in, just in time for relaxing summer evenings outside with some speakers and a bottle of wine.

The title track is a hypnotic and beautiful meditation on micro-funk. The rhythms are mostly straightforward and deeply lined up, but the organic raw pull of the low-end brings a deeper sense of groove to the table. You might feel it more than hear it, and it is this subtle sense of magic that makes Honig’s tracks stand apart from the rest. Fantastic for headphone listening while navigating city streets, and perfect for outdoor sunrise DJ sets after everyone’s candle is burnt at the top end.

The second track, “A Slow Urban Rowboat,” takes the hypnotic atmospheric quality of the previous track and pushes it even further. At ten minutes of running time, this live track is immersive and loopy, yet never feels repetitive. It is this very quality that shows Honig’s mastery of quietly emotional minimal music. The sounds and arrangements pull you in, and when you re-surface, the effect is rather like waking up from a brief dream.

The closing track is David Last’s remix of “Prologuing the Inevitable,” which shifts down into slow overdrive Jeep-beat mysteriousness. The remix highlights the darker instrumental textures of the original track while plunging the groove into a sea of rolling downtempo 808 beats and pure-toned synthetic percussion. It makes for great car-stereo booming, especially while driving in a remote place in the middle of the night. Probably not bad as a makeout jam as well.