F (2) ‎– Burn The World Into Ashes And Sweep It Under The Kitchen Rug

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Vinyl, LP, Test Pressing


Test Pressing 25 Made, White Label. Stamped on both labels. Comes With Black Jacket Image Of The Original Cassette Tape Cover, Jacket Glow In Dark.
Also, there are 25 Rejected Test Pressings, with a Bad "B" side, where one song has a small pop, these "Rejected Test Pressings" are all with label, and have a Ronald Reagan holding a "F" in his hand with an american flag in the back round as cover art.

Original 1985 Cassette Tape Planned as "Burn The World Into Ashes & Sweep It Under The Kitchen Rug" Album was never released. It was a 11 Song Cassette only Demo, which Alternative Tentacles came very close to releasing, but it never happened, most likely it was due to my laziness at the time. 4 of the 11 songs were later released on several comps & “Mess you up” 7”. Now Finally Released For The First Time on Vinyl The 1985 Album Restored With Extra Songs From 1983 &1984.