Fair Ohs ‎– Jams Volume #2

Suplex Cassettes ‎– SUP 25
Cassette, Compilation


1 •Yellow Meat (unused track from Brattwell Jungle Cat demo sessions)
2 •E&M jam (practice room)
3 •Ya Mustafa (practice room)
4 •Gold Hill (unused vocal version)
5 •Jelly Friends (demo and practice room)
6 •Interlude
7 •Mayan Flex (home demo and practice room
8 •Green Apple Milk (Rory Bratwell Jungle Cat Demo)
9 •Salt Flats (from flexi postcard 7” on X Ray Recordings)
10 •Dyslexic Heart (Paul Westerberg Cover, home demo and final version for RSD 7” on Honey High)
11 •Unused demo with ending from Citric Placid
12 •Now I Love You (practice room)
13 •Waiting For Somebody (Paul Westerberg cover from RSD 7”)
14 •Andalucian Jive (unused demo)
15 •Citric Placid (home demo and practice room version)
16 •Trains (unused, practice room)
17 •Volvo Chunks (unused, practice room)
18 •Let’s Get Together (unused Hayley Mills cover)
19 •Grace (unused, practice room)
20 •Dead Tongues (unused, home demo and practice room)
21 •Cayman Brac (keyboard version)
22 •Interlude #2 (Schokoladen Dub)
23 •Ya Mustafa (Rory Brattwell Jungle Cat demo)
24 •Cayman Brac (practice room)
25 •Wild Mint Tree (unused, practice room)
26 •Panama Red Jets (home demo and practice room)
27 •Silver Jade Mountain (home demo and practice room)
28 •Sleep (home demo and practice room)
29 •Now I Love You (unused, studio version)
30 •Playing With My Friends (unused BB King cover)
31 End


100 on pink cassette with cover design by simon whybray