Fairground Attraction ‎– Full House

Studio Hamburg ‎– none


1 Allelujah 5:08
2 The Game Of Love 4:30
3 The Moon Is Mine 6:17
4 Comedy Waltz 4:05
5 Mythology 5:43
6 A Smile In A Whisper 4:42
7 Home To Heartache 4:51
8 Falling Backwards 3:04
9 Find My Love 6:00
10 Watching The Party 7:54
11 Whispers 4:59
12 The Wind Knows My Name 6:25
13 Fairground Attraction 3:20
14 Walking After Midnight 2:56
15 Clare 5:27
16 Perfect 6:17
17 Blue Moon Of Kentucky 4:29
18 Improvisation 4:48
19 Moon On The Rain 6:28



Track 18 is a cover of Monkey Man by Toots and the Maytals.

Recorded at Docks, Hamburg, Germany 15 March 1989.
Sleeve notes by Wolfram Brackhahn, editor, NDR Television.

Total time: 102 min.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4031778510237


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June 20, 2018

I don't usually do anything that could be construed as work without
getting paid, but this recording is so good I have to express myself.

So you bought The First Of A Million Kisses and Ay Fond Kiss and
loved them but you have not seen the band live.

No danger of seeing the band, if you born after October 1990, they
split up, literally, before you were born.

So what is available in the way of live albums or recordings ?

There is Kawasaki Live in Japan the only official live recording, I
don't own a copy of this but there are five tracks from it on
The Very Best Of which I do own. At the end of each track the applause
is faded down and then the band are dropped in for the next track,
no atmosphere. If there is any interaction between the band and
the audience we don't get to hear it.

There is a BBC In Concert from Glastonbury 1989, you may be able to
get a copy of the Transcription Service LP on Discogs or a bootleg
recording of the broadcast. (I myself remember recording it and I still
have the cassette somewhere.)

Piccadilly Key103FM recorded a concert at the Manchester Apollo in
May 1989, two of the tracks were used for the B-side of Walking After
Midnight and one is on Ay Fond Kiss. I assume the entire concert was
recorded and subsequently broadcast by them at some time, there may be
bootlegs of this about but they will probably be harder to find because
fewer people will have listened and fewer still will have recorded it.

(Piccadilly Key103FM is a commercial regional radio station, serving the
Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, West Yorkshire and North Cheshire

Finally we come to this DVD of a concert in Hamburg recorded for a German
TV program in March 1989. I haven't watched it yet, I don't have a TV
or DVD player. I bought it for the audio content and I'm not disappointed,
the day it arrived I listened to it twice after ripping it to my PC, see
below for details of the process.

To sum up, the band are really on form, the audience are loving it, the
sound quality is outstanding, it's longer than Kawasaki, it's a lot
cheaper and it's available. Alright you have to faff around a bit if you
want it on CD, but you can't have everything.

Nice one NDR.

You can make CD's from your DVD as follows:

Download DVD Audio Extractor from http://www.dvdae.com/

Install it on your PC, a 30 day free trial license is included in the setup
by default. (I don't think I would have bought the DVD if it wasn't for the
existence of this program or something like it.)

Use it to rip the audio from the DVD, the files you want are in Title2.
By default the program offers you a 44.1KHz sampling rate, with 16 bit
depth and stereo, you won't even have to change the default settings.

Afterwards burn the results to two CD-R's, job done.


1. Allelujah 5:08
2. The Game Of Love 4:30
3. The Moon Is Mine 6:17
4. Comedy Waltz 4:04
5. Mythology 5:43
6. A Smile In A Whisper 4:42
7. Home To Heartache 4:51
8. Falling Backwards 3:04
9. Find My Love 6:00
10. Watching The Party 7:54


11. Whispers 4:59
12. The Wind Knows My Name 6:25
13. Fairground Attraction 3:20
14. Walking After Midnight 2:56
15. Clare 5:27
16. Perfect 6:17
17. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 4:29
18. + Improvisation 4:48
19. Moon On The Rain 6:28

+ actually a cover of Monkey Man by Toots and the Maytals.