Famlende Forsøk ‎– En Overraskende Måte Hvorpå Man Kan Kaste En Person Over Ende

SHiT Tapes ‎– SHiT 010
Cassette, Album, C60


Side Angrep
A1 Blabblab 5:50
A2 Intervju1 1:07
A3 Tror Nok Jeg Levde...En Gang 4:00
A4 Aldri Forekommet 1 3:15
A5 Index 8:15
A6 Home Trnx 2:26
A7 Speilene, Feilene 3:30
Side Motangrep
B1 Vil Du Dø For Meg? 5:43
B2 Aldri Forekommet 2 2:00
B3 Neon Mørke 2:30
B4 Trnx 1:10
B5 Chtulhu 10:10
B6 Phettphett 1:05
B7 666 4:03
B8 Intervju2 0:53

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May 21, 2012
This is a strange album, combining well-composed pieces of music with 'found sound'. The 'write-up' in the T.C.C. catalogue makes reference to H. P. LOVECRAFT & W. BURROUGHS in describing this album. It has moments of exquisite darkness and with tracks entitled "Cthulhu" and "666", you can understand the reference. It's been around since 1984, so probably qualifies for lost 'classic' status. It varies it's style quite a lot, but it's all good stuff and well worth investing in.
Side one, entitled "ANGREP" opens with "Blabblab" fading into existance on a radio signal with a discussion on Communism. An echoing rhythm over which the words are halt shouted and 'fanfare'-like trumpets herald stranger things to come. "Intervju 1" fades in on a busy 'insect chorus in steamy night' sound with a brief snatch of spoken word. "Trok Nok Jeg Levde...En Gang" opens to a CASIO drum machine over which is played a surprisingly well composed piece of music - a sort of Jazz-Pop Sound which falls apart at the end allowing an old CASIO preset a moments liberation. "Aldri Forekommet 1" is an amazing little atmospheric piece with guitar circling like some predatory shark while echoed metal percussion punctures/punctuates and keyboards blend, rising and falling in giant sheets. "Index" reminds me a little of POPUL VUH's more atmospheric film soundtracks, although the sax motif is a little too bright to sustain that particular atmosphere. No matter, it cycles around picking up it's own unique sound, breaking off into something full of tuned gongs midway through. It changes again and again, each time to something new and intriguing. "Home Trux" is another strange and experimental track with chuffing, humming rhythm which fades into a non-beat track which gives the impression of passive motion, of moving through a thick, viscous atmosphere. The first side ends with "Speil-ene, Feilene" which again uses cheap keyboard sounds and creates a masterpiece out of their sound - a catchy rhythmic sound with a well-trained saxophone lead - nice medium-paced passive Pop music.

Side two, or "MOTANGREP", opens with "Vil Du Do For Meg?" is a large, almost threatening piece of music with a silver stiletto guitar circling over a black morass of synth, shimmering noise and dark, echoed voice speaking what might easily be an evocation to some dark being! "Aldri Forekommet 2" comes next, almost a coda to the previous track. It has a sharp, plucking bass which searches around until it finds it's niche, adding atmosphere to atmosphere. "Neon Morke" is a large piece of music which might not seem too out of place on one of CHROME's more extreme albums, although it's not 'Rock!' "Trnx" is a strange thing full of tinkering, glittering synths, Surreally out of place with one another. "Cthulhu" is a dramatic piece of drifting music with a "Temple" feel to it. Dark and brooding, invoking LOVECRAFT's Ancient One. It clocks up more than 10 minutes and is worth the price of the tape just for this. It reminds me a little of CONTRASTATE or the less dense parts of SLEEP CHAMBER's "SexMagic Ritual". "Phettphett" follows this - a strange mess of taped voice and noise. "666" is a slow, non-beat tune with a sustaining 'bagpipe' kind of sound over which several synths play a phasing tune while vocals are spoken in serious tones over the top. "Intervju 2" closes the album with a soup of sub-WHITEHOUSE sound over which taped voice is played.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.