Fantômas ‎– Wunderkammer

Ipecac Recordings ‎– IPC-166
Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, LP, Album
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition


Fantômas – Book 1 Sketches
Cassette-A1 Page 1 1:44
Cassette-A2 Page 2 1:32
Cassette-A3 Page 3 1:28
Cassette-A4 Page 4 5:17
Cassette-A5 Page 5 0:58
Cassette-A6 Page 6 1:06
Cassette-A7 Page 7 1:03
Cassette-A8 Page 8 0:55
Cassette-A9 Page 9 1:25
Cassette-A10 Page 10 1:13
Cassette-A11 Page 11 2:15
Cassette-A12 Page 12 1:56
Cassette-A13 Page 13 1:01
Cassette-A14 Page 14 0:55
Cassette-A15 Page 15 6:12
Cassette-A16 Page 16 1:45
Cassette-A17 Page 17 0:30
Cassette-A18 Page 18 1:14
Cassette-B1 Page 19 2:40
Cassette-B2 Page 20 0:51
Cassette-B3 Page 21 0:50
Cassette-B4 Page 22 1:09
Cassette-B5 Page 23 1:40
Cassette-B6 Page 24 1:27
Cassette-B7 Page 25 1:13
Cassette-B8 Page 26 1:16
Cassette-B9 Page 27 1:37
Cassette-B10 Page 28 1:35
Cassette-B11 Page 29 1:11
Cassette-B12 Page 30 0:32
LP-A1 Page One
LP-A2 Page Two
LP-A3 Page Three
LP-A4 Page Four
LP-A5 Page Five
LP-A6 Page Six
LP-A7 Page Seven
LP-A8 Page Eight
LP-A9 Page Nine
LP-A10 Page Ten
LP-A11 Page Eleven
LP-A12 Page Twelve
LP-A13 Page Thirteen
LP-A14 Page Fourteen
LP-A15 Page Fifteen
LP-B1 Page Sixteen
LP-B2 Page Seventeen
LP-B3 Page Eighteen
LP-B4 Page Nineteen
LP-B5 Page Twenty
LP-B6 Page Twentyone
LP-B7 Page Twentytwo
LP-B8 Page Twentythree
LP-B9 Page Twentyfour
LP-B10 Page Twentyfive
LP-B11 Page Twentysix
LP-B12 Page Twentyseven
LP-B13 Page Twentyeight
LP-B14 Page Twentynine
LP-B15 Page Thirty
The Directors Cut
LP-C1 The Godfather
LP-C2 Der Golem
LP-C3 Experiment In Terror
LP-C4 One Step Beyond
LP-C5 Night Of The Hunter (Remix)
LP-C6 Cape Fear
LP-C7 Rosemary's Baby
LP-C8 The Devil Rides Out (Remix)
LP-C9 Spider Baby
LP-D1 The Omen
LP-D2 Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer
LP-D3 Vendetta
LP-D4 Untitled
LP-D5 Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion
LP-D6 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
LP-D7 Charade
Delirivm Cordia
Delirivm Cordia
LP-E1 Untitled
LP-F1 Untitled
LP-G1 Untitled
LP-H1 Untitled
Suspended Animation
LP-I1 04/01/05 Friday
LP-I2 04/02/05 Saturday
LP-I3 04/03/05 Sunday
LP-I4 04/04/05 Monday
LP-I5 04/05/05 Tuesday
LP-I6 04/06/05 Wednesday
LP-I7 04/07/05 Thursday
LP-I8 04/08/05 Friday
LP-I9 04/09/05 Saturday
LP-I10 04/10/05 Sunday
LP-I11 04/11/05 Monday
LP-I12 04/12/05 Tuesday
LP-I13 04/13/05 Wednesday
LP-I14 04/14/05 Thursday
LP-J1 04/15/05 Friday
LP-J2 04/16/05 Saturday
LP-J3 04/17/05 Sunday
LP-J4 04/18/05 Monday
LP-J5 04/19/05 Tuesday
LP-J6 04/20/05 Wednesday
LP-J7 04/21/05 Thursday
LP-J8 04/22/05 Friday
LP-J9 04/23/05 Saturday
LP-J10 04/24/05 Sunday
LP-J11 04/25/05 Monday
LP-J12 04/26/05 Tuesday
LP-J13 04/27/05 Wednesday
LP-J14 04/28/05 Thursday
LP-J15 04/29/05 Friday
LP-J16 04/30/05 Saturday

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Released in a "cabinet" with a printed wrap-around paper band. The cassette is packaged in a slipcase, which in turn is packaged in a larger, LP-sized box. Delirivm Cordia is presented in a gatefold sleeve while the other albums are in standard sleeves. All albums contain black inner sleeves and entirely new artwork. This was originally intended for release on November 28th, 2014 as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday, but was delayed due to production issues. The outer band still features a Record Store logo.

Catalog number on outside of cabinet and label's website: IPC-166
Catalog number on outer band: IPC166
Cassette catalog number on cassette: IPC-166-1
Cassette catalog number on spine: IPC 166-1
Cassette subtitle on cassette and slipcover: "Book 1 Sketches"
Cassette subtitle on outer band: "Book One Sketches"
The durations printed on the cassette slipcase (and given above) are inaccurate.
"Delirivm Cordia" appears correctly on the spine of its gatefold but is misspelled "Delirivum Cordia" on the labels, the outer band, and the front and back of the gatefold.
"Fantômas" is misspelled "Fantomas" on all LP spines.

Fantômas: Recorded at Brilliant Studios, San Francisco. Mixed at Different Fur, San Francisco. Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley. Mal Di Gola/ascap

The Directors Cut: Recorded and mixed at Grandmaster Recorders, Hollywood. Assisted by Magnum DI from Hook Studios, Studio City, and Toji-Division Hi-Fi, San Francisco. Mixed at Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood. Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley.

Delirivm Cordia: Recorded and mixed at the Sound Factory, Hollywood. Mastered at Oasis Mastering.

Suspended Animation: Recorded and mixed at the Sound Factory, Hollywood. Mastered at Oasis Mastering., LA. [sic] Mal Di Gola (ASCAP)

open the box"

© & ℗ 2014 Ipecac Recordings

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 689230016618
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 1 Side A Etched): IPC 166-2 - A ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 1 Side B Etched): IPC 166-2 - B ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 2 Side A Etched): IPC 166-3 - A ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 2 Side B Etched): IPC 166-3 - B ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 3 Side A Etched): IPC 166-4 - A ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 3 Side B Etched): IPC 166-4 - B ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 4 Side C Etched): IPC 166-4 - C ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 4 Side D Etched): IPC 166-4 - D ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 5 Side A Etched): IPC 166-5 - A ⓤ
  • Matrix / Runout (LP 5 Side B Etched): IPC 166-5 - B ⓤ
  • Other (Cassette Catalog Number): IPC-166-1
  • Other (LP 1 Catalog Number): IPC166-2
  • Other (LP 2 Catalog Number): IPC166-3
  • Other (LPs 3 & 4 Catalog Number): IPC166-4
  • Other (LP 5 Catalog Number): IPC166-5
  • Rights Society (tracks: LP-A1 to LP-B15, LP-I1 to LP-J15): ASCAP


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August 17, 2019
When will they release these individually on vinyl with the original artwork? Especially Fantomas self-titled. They've already been mastered for vinyl. All they have to do is repress from the existing vinyl masters?


May 6, 2019
Found this marked incorrectly on sale for $25 usd. Bought it without question. The box itself has many design flaws. Quite dumb and rushed. LPs played great, and not damaged in the slightest. I don't keep the LPs in the box. Just in my collection.


August 1, 2018

Nice object certainly, but if you look more closely at the finish is not so great and clearly there is a lot of noise on discs that are dirty and marked even new, it is not optimal pressing and it's little disappointing. For the audio tape, if you do not see it when opening your box, consider looking in the thickness of the tape holder.


January 16, 2018
I got this one brand new/sealed as a gift. I was extremely exited until I opened it. There are circular shaped flat spots all over every piece of vinyl. Be careful about buying a sealed copy unless you plan to keep it sealed.


December 22, 2017
edited over 2 years ago

Sound on all five lps is nice, very small crackings not affecting the sound quality. Also got my cassette. Two of four sleeves are minorly damaged. I agree with the patlebouc comment.


August 22, 2017

Vinyl is pretty much warped and all the sleeves have bends. One inner sleeves was folded on one corner in the cover. Fast pressing and hurried packaging it seems. ;)
Sound quality is pretty well on all records. The quality of the tape is pretty bad, but I guess the demo never sounded much better.


March 27, 2017
you will never hear the director's cut that good !! seriously way way much better than the CD ....vinyl is not automaticaly better than cd ... in most cases ; YES ... in this case ...definitely much better on vinyl.... I have both and check it out for yourselves.... fuckin' amazing....


January 26, 2017
mine came sealed but had no cassette OR the cassette housing thing inside either. I also thought the sleeves were pretty lame since most of the lps never had a vinyl release, it would of been nice to have the original artwork for them.


October 30, 2015
People who are trying to sell this for more than you can buy it brand new should be ashamed of themselves