FatVonFree ‎– The Soul of FatVonFree V

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Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixtape


45 minutes of music on C45 White Cassettes .. Full Coverage Print design On both sides of different artwork. Clear cases with 2 Sided J Cards, all shrink wrapped.

“Attention Span” is slowly being erased from our culture and being replaced with “what's next” at an alarming rate. You see memes and twitter rants of how it’s the job of the artist to capture the audience’s attention or some twisted version of this. I have been trying to figure ways out to make a beat tape that captures a person's attention from start to finish. Over the last few years I have slowly and painfully been trying to achieve just that. I call it “Failing Out Loud On The Internet” while playing somber blues guitar licks, country licks angrily, to singing a few lines narrating a small moment in time in which I felt a certain way. Another way I look at/write things is from the outside looking in on how a person may have felt during that time. This project was worked on over the course of a few months of looking around at my own life and the life of others around me. The song titles reflect the mood, the event, the chaos in what equates to a moment. A brief moment. I hope you dig this. I had about 1 hour and 43 minutes worth of music recorded for this project. I took my time and narrowed it down to 45 minutes. My only goal is to get better and continue to wake up and work. I am always #Pushin ......I try to stay #Relentless in Everything.... Cheers to A New Beginning