Faustcoven ‎– The Halo Of Burning Wings

Barbarian Wrath ‎– WRATH666-025
CD, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered


1 Under The Pagan Hammer 5:21
2 Annointed In Flames 4:58
3 Red Moon - Black Magic 4:00
4 Black Riders 5:01
5 Baptized In Goat Blood 4:00
6 Tomb Of The Black Witch 5:27
7 Oldschool War 3:11
8 Castle Of The Tyrant 4:15
9 Return To The Castle 5:16
10 The Halo Of Burning Wings 2:17



Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.

All the tracks have subtitles.

1. Under the Pagan Hammer (A Warmarch for the Fall of Christianity)
2. Annointed in Flames (A Song on the Nature of Sacrifice and the Deception of One Man)
3. Red Moon - Black Magic (A Tale of an Ill Fate Befalling a Small Village When the Red Moon Rise)
4. Black Riders (Riders of the Apocalypse Come to Raise Hell in Your Town)
5. Baptized in Goatblood (Utter Blasphemy Herolds the Birth of the Antichrist)
6. Tomb of the Black Witch (The Witch Shall Rise from her Tomb, and Doom Shall Come to her Kilelrs)
7. Oldschool War (A Hymn to Oldschool Metal and to the Death of Synth-Goth Metal)
8. Castje of the Tyrant (The Tale of an Old Sadist and his Hellish Castle)
9. Return to the Castle (From Beyond the Centuries, the Tyrant Rise Again)
10. The Halo of Burning Wings (Surrounded by a Blinding Light, a Tormented Spirit Wanders a Desolate Landscape)

'Annointed in Flames' was directly inspired by the movie 'The Wicker Man'.
'Castle of the Tyrant' and 'Return to the Castle' has taken inspiration from the movie 'The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood'.

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