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1 Burst Of Sound 0:17
2 Whoose 5:57
3 Answer1 0.45
4 Answerfinalmix 2:21
5 Ffwuc 3:49
6 Mic Wants To Do Ffwuc 1:05
7 Ffwuc Painfree - Main$tream
Vocals – Main$tream
8 Ooda 1:04
9 Jose Tribute 2:31
10 Chubbyjose 0:59
11 Hey Gools 0:26
12 Chubby Snores 0:50
13 Mm I Love Huge Cockadoodledoos 3:30
14 Baaa 2:08
15 Street Violence 11:47



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December 26, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
This is without doubt the most bizarre recording I own. It consists of bizarre or obscene (or both!) phone messages, some animal noises, and street violence. Quite simply, this is a collection of bizarre "found" sounds.
"ffwuc" (sic) stands for "fat f******g weird ugly c**t", an expression used by an angry bricklayer leaving threatening messages on the producer's answering machine. He subsequently added Hold music to the phone recordings and then gave these to a casio wielding vocalist to do a "remix". And then some...
It really is bizarre, and some of the tracks are of dubious value. However, the last track - titled "street violence" - made it all worthwhile for me. This is an extraordinary recording of a street brawl in an Australian rural town. Though the quality is poor, it has to be heard to be believed. It is made even more poignant after the actual fight by several brawlers giving their 2 cents worth.
I'm told I have strange taste in music but I thought this was money well spent, especially because of the last track.