Fille Qui Mousse ‎– Trixie Stapleton 291 Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle



Part 1 5:45
Part 2 0:57
Part 3 2:00
Part 4 8:12
Part 5 2:34
Part 6 1:04
Part 7 3:07
Part 8 3:06
Part 9 8:30


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October 31, 2016
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An interesting point about this particular issue is that it is from a different mix-down than the Spalax issue. A "trainspotter's comparison" reveals that the differences are very subtle, different balancing, some slightly different edits, etc. Nothing significant, although quite obvious if you listen to one after the other. Both are of comparable quality. The Spalax issue has the titles as written on the tape box he showed us when we interviewed him. The Fractal issue has the titles as logged by Futura, with two of the tracks each split into their two sections. The later Futura CD issue replicates this release, but alters the cover again.


September 25, 2013
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review by Discogs user: thee

First and unofficial release of this mythical recording from July 1971 never released before. According to Mauro Moroni of Mellow Records (an italian label based in San Remo), only 10 copies of the "test-pressing" LPs existed from this album, which was originally produced by Gérard Terronès for Futura recordings (planned to be the "RED 04"). Moroni also explained that he paid his LP copy "3000 usd" and used it to print this CD. It is officially announced, on the layout of the cd, as a "Printed in a limited edition of 200 copies", which is hard to believe when it's still available on the website's "Mellow mailorder" in the autumn 2008. No track-listing, but "Part 1-9", the whole thing entitled "Trixie Stapleton 291 - Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle" and, according to the Fractal release, wrongly announced as "recorded during spring/summer 1972" (instead of 1971, for both recording and mix). The page 2 and 3 of the booklet proposed an article about Fille Qui Mousse from the "Actuel" french magazine, announcing at the time (1971) the forthcoming release of the LP "Trixie Stapleton 291 - Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle". The front-cover artwork presented here was maybe taken from a painting by Henri Jean-Enu, but, again, it's not credited. Later released by Spalax Music (1998) with Henri-Jean Enu (the artist), and then in 2001 by Gérard Terronès (The producer) with Fractal Records, proposing a 3rd release, corrected, increased of musical and information content, considered as the "final edition" of the album: 30 years later, finally, it is released.


September 25, 2013
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Extract from Audion Magazine #32 (published Summer 1995)
interview with Henri-Jean Enu H: Henri-Jean, A: Alan, S: Steve

A: What do you think of the album being out as a pirate?
H: Gilles Yepremian told me it was issued by an Italian collector who bought a test pressing of the album. The first time I saw it was the other night when we had dinner. I was surprised!
A: It sounds remarkably good being taken from a record.
H: I haven't heard it. Maybe I'll go to Fnac and buy one.
S: What happened to the album originally?
H: When I was involved in the scene, I worked with the newspaper, and I was trapped by my visual conception. I liked working alone, and I split up with everything. So, this album and the music of the group was like a "bottle in the ocean", like from Rimbaud's poem.
S: Why wasn't the LP ever released?
H: No, it was released!
S: Just the test pressings.
H: I don't know. Because, after Gérard Terronès disappeared. He moved, we lost contact. I was busy painting, with exhibitions and so on, and just forgot it.
S: It just disappeared.
H: Yes, Fille Qui Mousse disappeared, I did too, and the record disappeared!
laughter all round.
S: Strange!
H: Why?
A: Well, because if you put a lot of work into something...
H: It's like if you write a poem...
A: You hand it over to a publisher and it disappears?
H: Of course!
A: And after all these years, it's now going to be officially released by Spalax?
H: Oui. In about a month.
S: And the cover?
H: I did the cover.
S: The original cover you designed?
H: One part of the cover, because there will be fifty special covers as a limited edition.
A: So obviously it will sound better than the Mellow CD.
H: I hope so, because Gabriel is very serious.

Addendum: during this conversation Henri-Jean showed us the master reel tape, his proposed artworks, etc. The CD didn't come out "In about a month" as stated above, but due to legal hassles took well-over two years! The presentation of final release was quite different to what was originally planned