Filter (2) ‎– Phenomenology

Warner Reprise Video ‎– 38458-3

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1 Intro
2 Hey Man Nice Shot (Music Video)
Film Director – Kevin KerslakeFilm Producer – Silvey & Co.
3 You Are Here
4 Stuck In Here (Live - Dublin, Ireland)
5 Members (Frank, Geno, Matt)
6 Dose (Music Video)
Film Director – Kevin KerslakeFilm Producer – Silvey & Co.
7 The Question
8 White Like That (Live - Dublin / San Francisco)
9 Fight Me Now
10 Highs
11 Buck Thirty-Five
12 Short Bus (300)
13 Stuck In Here (Music Video)
Film Director – John Cook (6)Film Producer – Don Julio
14 Bizarre
15 "fashionably" ...what? (Clips From MTV 'Fashionably Loud')
16 Jurassitol (Live - San Francisco) Segment
17 Soundtracks
18 Jurassitol (Music Video)
Film Director – Dean KarrFilm Producer – The UGround*
19 Erkenntnistheorie (100)
20 Take Another (Live - Dublin, Ireland)
21 Twin Midgets
22 Under (Live - Dublin, Ireland)
23 The Mongoloid
24 Shiny Monkey Theorie
25 Hey Man Nice Shot (Live - San Francisco)
26 Credits
27 Interview Outtake
28 Make Noise And Break Stuff (Live - Albuquerque, New Mexico) + Backstage



Video documentary showcasing the band's origins, as well as their tour in support of their first album Short Bus, interspersed with various interviews, performances, and music videos.

Run Time: Approximately 93 minutes.

The full title was originally going to be 'Filter - Phenomenology: 1,137 Days on the Short Bus', and while that title is still found on the footage itself, it is only slightly mentioned that way in the description on the back of the box.

Material on this video has footage of Brian Liesegang unaltered, unlike their later DVD release Title Of DVD (after he was an ex-member) which blurs, distorts and shrinks any image of him in interviews.

About 74 minutes into the video, it starts rolling credits, then goes blank for 2 minutes, and shows an interview outtake. After that it shows 16 minutes of the end of a concert (Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 22nd, 1996) with the band making as much noise possible and breaking things (it was on the set list as 'make noise and break stuff'), then backstage afterwards.

Live Footage dates:
Dublin, Ireland: May 11th, 1996
San Francisco, California: August 1st, 1996

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  • Barcode: 0 7599-38458-3 9