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July 23, 2013
referencing Solid Funk, 7", PP 222
P & P in this instance stands for Peter (Brown) & Patricia (Gilyard), his future wife. This earlier incarnation of the label was set up around 1970 while Peter Brown was finding artists, producing and and releasing records independently. Flame & The Sons of Darkness was the earliest teenage incarnation of the band that later became The Rhythm Makers and then GQ. The recording quality, style and particlarly the choice of B-side point to an earlier recording date than 1972, but it crops up in Billboard in March '72; it was probably circulating in late '71 and may have been recorded a year earlier. These earlier P & P recordings should not be confused with the later (post 1974) Peter (Brown) & Patrick (Adams) P & P recordings which are decidedly different in production technique and proto-disco style.


November 16, 2011
referencing Solid Funk, 7", PP 222

Sometimes bootlegs are sold on the original's site - be careful: the SALES HISTORY is completely FALSIFIED by those cheapos!! Sadly you have got no orientation & help anymore how much a price is justified for an original copy!