Flemming Dalum & Filippo Bachini ‎– Lost Treasures Of Italo-Disco 2

Mothball Record ‎– MRMIX005
CDr, Limited Edition, Mixed


1 Dino Angelini Fumo Un' Altra Sigaretta 2:24
2 Pepper Box Whirlpool 1:31
3 Angry (3) Electric Girl 2:38
4 Taigher Notte 2:21
5 Massara* The Great Masquerade 2:23
6 Virgil (13) Playsound 2:12
7 Simon Bennett I Wanna Tokio' U 3:47
8 Andy Luotto Astronuts 2:36
9 Nini Zironi Strano Feeling 2:54
10 Orfeo (7) Falso Amore 1:08
11 Flowchart (2) A Little Love, A Little Wine 2:49
12 Danya (2) Ora Sei 1:44
13 Simona Donalisio Teen Ager Dance 2:56
14 Modern Life Time In Your Mind 1:49
15 J.F. & Hitwave Dance Floor Girl 3:32
16 Quadro D'Autore (2) White Stink 1:35
17 The Ballet (2) Theme Song 1:50
18 Max (148) Let's Dance 3:30
19 Mad Work A Night Alone 4:23
20 Myrian Change It 4:27
21 Marc Line Step In My Life 1:36
22 Pamela Prati Un Nodo All'Anima 2:11
23 Simona Gay This Night 2:35
24 Beatrice (13) Io Questo Disco Me Lo Comprerei 2:55
25 Cecilia Rizzoli Cosi' Non Va 2:39
26 Caballero (2) Blue Sun 1:42
27 Carlo Conti It's OK, It's Alright 1:05
28 Dea (8) Come On Here 2:42
29 Dee Jay Roby Dance Not Dance 1:49
30 Metastasio With You 2:06
31 Max (148) For You 2:01
32 Monique (41) Only A Fool Like Me 0:37
33 Myrian Talk Crazy To Me 1:52
34 Joe Rivelly Magica Storia 1:13


  • Design [Uncredited]Hysteric
  • Presenter, Compiled By [Uncredited]Filippo Bachini
  • Presenter, Compiled By [Uncredited], DJ Mix [Uncredited], Edited By [Uncredited]Flemming Dalum


Edition of 80 copies, length 79:52
A Snap-Art production for Mothball Record 2013
Made in Australia

Filippo Bachini thanks: Flemming Dalum, George Hysteric, Dennis "uncle" vd Berg, Massimo Violi, Giuliano Bottai, Marino Pistolesi, Enrico Bertelli, Fabio Bachini, Alessandro Benedetti, Gabriele Lera

Mothball Record thanks: Flemming Dalum, Filippo Bachini, Debonair P., Otto Kraanen, Ed Slavin, Discogs Italo forum

Flemming Dalum thanks: Filippo Bachini, George Hysteric, Otto Kraanen, Fred Ventura, F.Rago & G.Farina, Jórg Gassmann, David Vunk, James Penrose, Alan Chan, Christian Wood, Kimmo Salo, Mickey Clarke, Markus Schneider, Frederic Bergamaschi, Mark Wilkinson, Enrico Savino, Dennis vd Berg, Ron Steusfij, Peter Nederpelt, Damian Lipinski, Claudio Barro and Neurox

Track lenghts are not stated on the release and are taken from a media player.

1. City Rec
2. Cricket Rec.
3. Sealeaf Music
4. DES
5. VDM
6. Effe Rec.
7. Black Square
8. Discomposer
9. Top Records
10. Video Star
11. City Rec.
12. City Rec.
13. CDF
14. Video Radio
15. DD Thompson
16. PEM Rec.
17. City Rec.
18. Dig-It
19. N.Radio
20. Hollywood Rec.
21. Gianburrasca
22. Jumbo
23. Blitz
24. Lasapa
25. Discokkio/Scarabes
26. Ace Rec.
27. CC Disc Jockey
28. Pool Rec.
29. Young Rec.
30. Discokkio
31. Dig-It
32. City Rec.
33. Hollywood Rec.
34. New Si-Re

Printed S.I.A.E. information is an artistic gimmick and not meant to be taken literally.


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January 14, 2014

Outstanding mix with more amazing unknown italo records. Incrediable how this great label keeps providing the italo world with new italo discoveries after all this years. Looking forward to Volume 3 in this series already !


March 17, 2013
edited over 6 years ago

When I first heard about a Vol.2 of this mix being in the works, I immediately remembered Flemming talking about starting out with 64 tracks for Vol.1 and being able to squeeze only 38 of them into it. So I was a little bit skeptical of Vol.2 ending up as a mere compilation of "left-overs" from Vol.1.

Let me tell you that is not the case. Instead, the second iteration of the series even manages to outshine Vol.1! Whereas I *do* enjoy Vol.1 and am still listening to it to this day, I always felt like it contained 5-6 records so extraordinary that they left most of the other tracks behind, even though those would most probably still shine if they were contained in a different mix on their own.

When it comes to Vol.2 however, there's simply such a vast majority of really outstanding records included, that only very few of the remaining tracks can be considered "fillers". This makes it incredibly hard to pick a winner, but I guess starting with Angry, Andy Luotto, Simona Donalisio, Mad Work, and Myrian would not be the worst of choices.

Also, Flemming did a true master's job in building up tension during this one, probably culminating halfway through the mix with Mad Work's "A Night Alone" - a track that many people in the forums almost instantly called their personal favorite throughout the whole mix. Despite all that, it still manages to keep up the pace, getting stronger and stronger towards the end, providing us with lots of truly lovable and authentic female italian lyrics, something which - unfortunately enough - is relatively rare in the Italo Disco genre.

Now some people complained that a number of tracks included in this mix do not sound like Italo Disco at all, but should be considered "Italian Pop", "New Wave", or even "Synth Pop". There's a long, boring history of discussion about what can be considered Italo Disco and I will not dive into that right now. All I want to say is that if you already enjoyed Vol.1 of this mix, you will *definitely* love this one. The overall mood is very similar, with lots and lots of positive vibes. To some of you who know Flemming from his more dark-ish, down-tempo mixes which can be found online, it will probably be surprising as how easy-going and melodic this one sounds!

I personally consider this compilation among the list of top three Italo Disco mixes that Flemming has produced to date. Anyone who enjoys the classic Italo Disco flavor and is craving for some fresh material, grab a copy as long as you can!


February 23, 2013
edited over 6 years ago

A wonderful sequel to an equally fantastic mix with some great monsters (Orfeo, Andy Luotto, Modern Life, Nini Zironi, Mad Work, J.F. & Hitwave, Angry, Flowchart, The Ballet, Dee Jay Roby, etc...) and as always, excellent mixing by "King Of The Cut," Flemming Dalum.