Flemming Dalum ‎– Italo Classix

Medellin Mixage ‎– MM 9002
CDr, Mixed, Unofficial Release


1 The Creatures (2) Spacefly
2 Don Shelley Dance To The Music
3 Memory Control One Basic
4 Modem (2) Valerie
5 The Creatures (2) Solar Eclipse
6 Xenon (3) Symphony
7 Brian Auger Night Train To Nowhere
8 Lee Marrow Cannibals
9 Sylvi Foster Hookey
10 B.W.H. Stop
11 Gazebo Wrap The Rock
12 Koto Chinese Revenge
13 Steel Mind Bad Passion
14 Xenon (3) Galaxi
15 Kano Ikeya Seki
16 Koto Japanese Wargames
17 Smiles N. 1,4 Magnetic Dance
18 Gaznevada I.C Love Affair
19 Mono Band Ghost Town
20 Mito Unit
21 Blackway New Life
22 Paul Paul Good Times
23 N.O.I.A. Stranger In A Strange Land
24 M Basic OK Run
25 Kex Go Go Go
26 Steve Davil Shake Me Up
27 B Boy* Try Me
28 Joe Maran Give Me A Break
29 Flexx (2) Love Theme From Flexxy Ball
30 Kano Another Life
31 Blackway Follow Me
32 Tom Hooker Only Love
33 The Creatures (2) Digital Rebel
34 La Bionda I Wanna Be Your Lover
35 Doctor's Cat Feel The Drive
36 Capricorn (3) I Need Love
37 Strada (3) It's The Monkey!!!
38 Vivien Vee Blue Disease
39 B.W.H. Livin' Up
40 Alexander Robotnik* Problèmes D'Amour
41 My Mine Hypnotic Tango
42 Diviacchi Waiting For Heaven
43 Charlie Spacer Woman
44 Trophy Slow Flight
45 Styloo* Pretty Face
46 Gazebo Masterpiece
47 Hipnosis Pulstar
48 Mr. Flagio Take A Chance
49 'Lectric Workers Robot Is Systematic
50 Tommy Bow Dance Tonight
51 Ryan Paris Dolce Vita
52 M & G Boogie Tonight
53 Klein & M.B.O. Wonderful
54 Amin-Peck Girl On Me
55 Amin-Peck Coda
56 Wind (2) Luxury
57 Los Angeles T.F. Magical Body
58 B.B. & Band Hold Me Tight
59 Klapto Mister Game
60 Esavu Sia Siou (Breaking Up)
61 B. Rose Hey DJ
62 Mirage (25) Woman
63 Cellophane Music Colours
64 Claudio Mingardi Star
65 Cellophane Gimme Love
66 Thanya Freedom
67 Scotch Penguins Invasion
68 Moonbase Waiting For A Train
69 Doctor's Cat Watch Out
70 Torrevado Waiting For A Shuttle
71 Gazebo Love In Your Eyes
72 Marzio Dance You Can Do It
73 Stopp I'm Hungry
74 Valery Allington Stop
75 Bo Boss Tequilla
76 Marzio Dance D.J.* Rap-O-Hush
77 Mark Owen (2) Magic Love
78 Dharma (3) Plastic Doll
79 Models J.R Robot
80 Brand Image Are You Loving?
81 Sphinx (2) Collision
82 Pink Project Amama
83 Lama Love On The Rocks
84 Nico Band Let It Show
85 Steely Chuck McDonald Dream
86 Diana Est Le Louvre
87 E.S. Connection Don't Take Your Time
88 Stage (2) Voodoo Dance
89 S.P. Clan Get Down (On Love)
90 'Lectric Workers The Garden
91 LATF* Let Your Body Dance
92 The Breakout Crew Breakout Theme
93 Marrakech Orchestra Cashbah Boogie
94 Delanua* How Many Files
95 Peter Richard Walking In The Neon
96 Future State (2) Future State
97 Easy Going Fear
98 Funky Family Funky Is On
99 Ken Laszlo Tonight



One track only, no track markers. Total duration 79:50.
No tracklisting provided on release.


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January 11, 2016
edited about 1 year ago

Simply a masterpiece from italo icon Flemming Dalum !

I've found this historical (and additional) facts regarding the mix on the web:

"This mix was made on request from the legandary Danish DJ Kjeld Tolstrup (R.I.P.) He worked at the Danish National Radio back in 2008 and wanted a wider audience to discover italo disco. I followed his request and made this italo tribute mix to honor the legendary italo artists and to share my italo passion to the new generation of today. The mix included most of my personal italo top favorits – no obscure records this time. So this mix represent a good example of the early italo sound which got me into italo back in the early 80s. It was played several times at the Danish National Radio which means that at least 500.000 listeners got an ultimate introduction to italo disco"


January 7, 2016
It's just weird ,why an unofficial cd-r is listed here on Discogs as a release. With all do respect ,i have many Italo mixes,all made with vinyls but of course it's not correct to list it here . . .


January 6, 2016
I never signed any contract with any company (only with some major as Polydor UK and another label in Berlin, Germany) and I never had any kind of contact in the last 30 years with Mr. Flemming Dalum or some people from his part. I do not understand the "furore" aroused in many of his followers in the state that this situation has continued for many years and to claim that my productions have never been paid with a penny in royalties. All of you have a lot of respect for this "monster talent" who makes incredible mixes (run at no cost or costing him zero €.) and no to all the DJ-producers who have made enormous sacrifices to achieve their own Italo-Disco record production. Salvatore Cusato died, Carlo Favilli died, Elvio Pieri died, Mauro Boncaldo died, Stefano "Steve" Galante is in Canada, Stefano Zito is working in the movie business, and many people take profif / chance to robber their things. I give you notice that I never turned to the International courts and not yet at my law firm - lawyer. Leopoldo Lombardi SIAE lawyer and former president of AFI - because - for the moment I think it is a further loss of time, but may be if you insist I can change idea. God will judge him. Good evening


December 18, 2015
Proberly the very best italo mix ever made. It captures the true vibe and essence of italo as no other mix does. An outstanding guideline and great inspiration for the new generation to learn about italo. Just search and buy all those amazing original and unique 12inch vinyls. Highly recommended !


August 21, 2015
I never purposefully paid attention to these "by-products", especially if made on cd, 'support of sound' with very short life compared to vinyl, once again demonstrating the 'sub-culture' of its creator, undoubtedly very passionate person about genre Italo-Disco. So devote person as evidenced by some snapshots of him leaning against the van of a wholesaler of records of the Milanese Hinterland, ...or in front a disco-club located between Rimini and Riccione on the Adriatic Coast on a hot August afternoon (...when the place was usually open after midnight).
A person who in Italy have never known anyone important, but - however - has managed to make a name (...well! So to speak) in the world of the collectors (he's really so important?), using without any permission record productions not belong to him and for the use of which it has never been required any license.
In the 64 songs of this work - but what I'm saying? I do not think this is a work in the sense of "masterpiece" - at least a dozen of songs are my own "intellectual" property. Twelve - I repeat - 12 master-tapes made from 1982 to 1985 with other my colleagues, great and little DJ-producers, who have shared with me the record property of these tracks, sometimes also the publishing. Same of these "childrens" of the 80s, 'in debt up to the neck' for realizing their dream of making a "disco-mix", have died.
I have never seen any respect for them. What a pity, what a shame!
Claudio Casalini


July 10, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
Can someone who owns the CD version of this mix please confirm that the tracklist differs slightly from the online version available at robotdj.net and SoundCloud?

The online version does not seem to contain the last two tracks (Funky Family/Ken Laszlo) but instead has "The Creatures - Believe In Yourself" after "Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive".


August 26, 2010
edited over 7 years ago

I've heard this mix countless times, and still can't get over what Flemming Dalum did with Torrevado, Gazebo & Marzio Dance. Top notch :))


March 10, 2009
Another truly stunning mix by Flemming Dalum - the man who goes the extra mile in all his mixes to bring new life to tracks with very smart editing and a stunning ear for detail.

This mix really does include all the "classics" - but at the same time you will feel like you are listening to a completely fresh italo sound as each track blends seamlessly together, sometimes with only minor loops from each track (such as Gazebo's "Wrap the Rock" and Diviacchi's "waiting for heaven". In all there are probably more than 75 tracks crammed into the mix, with the best bits from each included, without ruining the original.

Hugely recommended for fans of all electronic music (not just italo) who want to understand more about the often "forgotten" era in the history of dance music.