Florenci Salesas ‎– Músiques Fredes

La Olla Expréss ‎– 001
CDr, Album


1 Primera Freda 2:06
2 Caravana Polar 2:06
3 Tubs De Goma 2:34
4 Gats I Llet 1:09
5 Motor Wankel 2:47
6 Vals De Le Papier 2:13
7 Xino Amb Bicicleta 1:03
8 Ós I Mel 0:27
9 Turbo 3:13
10 Nevera De PÍcnic 1:31
11 Al Pas 2:51
12 Elis Elis 0:55
13 Mozarella 2:18
14 Diaris I Revistes 1:26
15 Pànic Minúscul 1:37
16 Irish Coffee 2:28
17 Vals Perdut 2:34
18 Pig's Party 2:21
19 Wendy Borratxa 1:20



Músiques Fredes is a collection of little musical miniatures, some of them with catchy and childish melodies, some others a bit scary, while there are bits of abstraction, weird ambients and lot of tiny unexpected surprises. The original music was recorded in 1991 in a 4- track tape recorder, with the only help of a MS20 synthesyzer a Boss delay and a Boss reverb pedals, layer after layer (going from just one to over fifteen layered MS20s). All the melodies, rhythms and sound modulations of each layer were played by hand, and mixed live without any kind of edition. No computers, no sequencers, no drum machines were used in its production. This release is the final mix of the original tapes, made in 2002 with just a little cleaning but keeping the most part of the original spontaneous crude sound.