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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
FLY 001 Flying Lotus Shhh!(12", Ltd) Not On Label FLY 001 UK 2008 Sell This Version
FLY-001 Flying Lotus Shhh!(12", Unofficial) Not On Label (Flying Lotus) FLY-001 UK 2008 Sell This Version


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June 24, 2015
referencing Shhh!, 12", Ltd, FLY 001
I wish the terminology 'BOOTLEG' and 'PIRATE' were not currently considered interchangeable: They are not!

This 12" was (apparently) immediately 'PIRATED', which is the sleazy and inexcusable act of printing up copies of records on the cheap and sly with the sole intention of getting some money for doing nothing. Records that are pirated have already been created and approved of by the artist, gone through sometimes expensive recording, mixing, and mastering process, had lawyers clear copyright difficulties, had sleeves and inserts created and manufactured, and (finally) had the whole project manufactured, assembled, and packaged for sale. Then some jackass comes along and copies the whole damn package (i.e. everyone's hard work)-- generally with an obvious drop in quality-- and slips it into the main distribution system. Why someone would pick this no money project to pirate makes no sense at all, but maybe they're practicing up for the new U2 monstrosity (or whoever).

Briefly stated, a BOOTLEG is nearly the pure opposite of a PIRATE. Bootleggers are generally fans of the band/artist whose primary motivation is to make available to other fans the recordings that the labels and bands would NEVER see fit to release ...basically on advice from the googolplex of staff accountants and assorted pencil pushers. Bootleggers generally do the same work as labels do on their own-- to varying degrees of success. However, what the makers of these bootlegs do is (or can be) expensive and work-intensive...and the 'morality' of bootlegging is DEEP IN THE GREY ZONE, as they are designed for hardcore fans who already own the legitimate label recordings and hunger for more, which the label will never provide due to cost efficiency concerns and the strongest voice of all-- the slide rule.

P.S. If there was an original, limited edition issue of this 12" that was legitimate (before it was pirated), then why are BOTH editions termed as being "Unofficial Releases" under the 'Format' headings? Perhaps being 'pirated' in any way can effectively sully even the original, thus making it 'unclean' and therefore worthless?


January 5, 2009
referencing Shhh!, 12", Ltd, FLY 001

It's kinda short, and B1 and B2 are essentially the same, except that B2 is instrumental. Still, what's on the A side is all quite impressive. Nice titbits of heavy beats and grimey basslines with Flylo's 'old vinyl'-distortion mixxed between it. Forcing birds to do R2D2 impressions also works out fine. The B1 is another awesome track; more grimey basslines and hiphop beats with some nice raps on top of them. B2 and B3 seem a bit redundant in that they neither amaze nor really go anywhere in particular.

As you may allready know, all the tracks on this EP are remixes. Look up the originals for yourself if you can be bothered.

Therefor: 4 stars for giving us some awesome tracks.

If you are not a really avid collector, there's no reason for you to pay any ridiculously high aftermarket price for this, it's not THAT epic. Also, watch out for bootlegs! The originals have the track names engraved allon the runnout groove on both sides. But since this was done by hand, smart bootleggers will have probably copied this. My copy also has the letters 'MPO' engraved allonside the tracknames on both sides, and FLY001A and FLY001B on their respective sides.