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Vinyl, 12"


'The Drive' is a re-edit of Jupiter Beyond's 'The River Drive', credited to P. Lightfoot.
'Can Live (Without The Love)' is a re-edit of Tamiko Jones' 'Can't Live Without Your Love', credited to R. Muller.

Any unauthorised hiring, lending, public performance, broadcasting or playing to large crowds will be greatly appreciated and may result in a funky atmosphere.

Any unauthorised gathering, squatting, partying, parking, jaywalking, building of extentions, bootlegging whiskey and growing of plants is quite alright by us. Just keep it funky.



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March 25, 2005
edited over 13 years ago

Often (incorrectly) credited to the Idjut Boys, this is one of the best things that they (n)ever recorded. A re-edit so well executed that it doesn't sound like one, 'The Drive' was (according to my very well placed source) created on the night that England beat Holland 4-1 in the 1996 European Championships (check the run-out groove message on the A-Side that simply says “England 4 - Holland 1”). Most of the copies of this are in Japan, (as it was sold primarily through an exclusive deal with Cisco records of Tokyo), it was a huge hit on the Japanese underground scene in late 1996, as well as a big tune at the Blue Note in Hoxton Square . Very hard to find, but well worth searching out as an example of the genre, the hand written white label promo is (obviously) as rare as rocking horse shit...