Forgotten Sunrise ‎– Different Knots Of Ropelove

CD, Maxi-Single


  • Artwork By [Layout] – Grauenkunstinstitut
  • Lyrics By [Original Version], Music By [Original Version]Anders Melts (tracks: 1 to 11)
  • Mastered By.miQ
  • Music By [Original Version]Forgotten Sunrise (tracks: 1 to 11)
  • Recorded By [Original Version], Mixed By [Original Version], Mastered By [Original Version]Kristo Kotkas (tracks: 1 to 11)


Comes in a digipak. Pressed on a golden CD.

Mastered at Orbital Vox studios, Tallinn, 2007.
The original version of Ropelove was recorded, mixed and mastered at No-Big-Silence studios, Tallinn.



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August 29, 2011
Industrialized Metal Webzine (

Forgotten Sunrise is one of my personal favorites when it comes to industrial metal. Their past 'Ru:Mipu:Dus' and 'Willand' releases blew my nuts off at once ('Willand' even reached a 100 / 100 score!). Despite all the different influences and styles mixed in their music, they manage to let it sound accessable and more than decent all together. The second track of their 'Willand' album, called 'Ropelove', was picked as theme for a maxi-single. On this release, we find an edit of the original track and a whole bunch of remixes by bands like Alec Empire, Jesus Complex a.o.

The first track is a short (radio?) edit of the original 'Ropelove' track. It's still a dark track with death metal vocals and strong keylines. The first remix we have is done by Kardinaljävel. It's a non-vocals remix with elements of future pop and EBM. To me, the mix sounds a bit flat and sterile. How differently does the next one, by Suicidal Romance, affect on me. It's a modern mix of future pop and electro with the original vocal lines. The way the vocal lines are mixed with the musical parts change the original atmosphere of the track, without losing the dark view of it. Excellent remix! The next remix, by Alec Empire, is pretty impressive as well. It has very wicked programming works and experimental FX parts, which give this one a brutal though danceable and exciting attitude. The noisy middle of the track not included maybe... Next up comes the remix done by Jesus Complex. It still has many leftovers from the original track, although this time its mixed differently and on a different beat. This remix doesn't sound too bad to me, but the two before this one sounded much better. Requiem for FM made a pretty disturbing electronic mix, with dots that are coming to you from all the corners of your speakers. Mano Juodoji Sesuo provides us the first metal tunes in the remix. The remix still has the original sampling and vocal lines, but the old school EBM beat changes the whole dimenison of the track. Cool mix! H_12 made an old school remix. It contains elements of future pop and synth pop, and the vocal lines changed drastically. The remix is easy going and danceable. Darkmen provides a surprisingly cool mix. The marching beat catches you immidiately, and the original song elements are surprisingly wellfitting brought in. It's a dark song that almost commands you to dance. Älymystö's remix is a bit more disturbing again, with noisy, electro and even some sludge elements, all brought together with an old school attempt. Nocore's remix is better again, with cold and dark synthlines all over the song and wicked, experimental programming. The final track is a remix for 'Over The Deathbringer Stars', which was one of my least favorite tracks on the 'Ru:Mipu:Dus' release. It's needles to say that I'm not a big fan of this remix either. It contains elements of ambient and a little future pop touch.

It's always a big lottery when it comes to remix releases. As usual, some bands manage to make really cool remixes, while others seem big stars in fucking it all up. Fortunately, the majority of this release has good remixes (some of them even surprisingly good). Find this album if you feel like dancing your ass off for an hour, or if you are a DJ with an alternative spin.

Vote: 90 / 100

Review by: Gerardo