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CDr, EP, Limited Edition



Limited edition of 250 CD-Rs in blue sleeve. Originally given away at shows.


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September 12, 2008

Haha...I thought no one else knew about this CD. Indeed, I got mine (as I did the other "find-a-word" EP) at one of their shows at the Nervous Center. These guys were just around for a minute, but they were pretty interesting. They sort of fit into the experimental/IDM scene at Nervous Center, but sometimes had a more danceable sound. You couldn't really dance very well in the basement of the Nervous Center, though. The ceilings were too low and the seats (made up of wooden planks on milk crates) went pretty much up to the "stage" area. They were kind of all over the map, musically. I saw one of their shows with the guys from Epectir and it was like mostly dub, but they sort of rocked out with the live drummer, too.

My favorite track on this EP is probably "Ode To Resurrection Mary", partially because it's the best produced, partially because it's this weird spooky (and kind of glitchy) Drum & Bass tune, and partially because of the Resurrection Mary legend. When I listen to it, I actually picture the cab driver that gave Mary a ride and then turned around and she was gone. "Mio Portamento" is also good in a very brooding kind of way. It has this tough-ass filtered synth bassline that rides through the whole thing and drum programming that sounds like it was made from samples of breaking glass. The other two tracks are kind of throwaway..."Das Booty" is kind of a silly, watery breakbeat thing and "Forget About The Fouls" is also kind of silly, with what sounds like a bunch of radio noise and jerky guitar, but the 808 drums sound really fat in my car stereo!

Seems like these guys were talking about another EP the last time I saw them, but I guess they never got around to it. Kind of a shame.