Fragile Gang ‎– Valley Of Static

Oblongo ‎– none
CD, Album, Stereo


1 Weird Girl 5:31
2 Just Like Shangri-la 4:29
3 Thunder Of Trains 3:34
4 Generate 7:28
5 Train From Kansas City 3:05
6 Let's Hold On 3:49
7 Talking To My Best Friend 4:31
8 Pioneer 4:08
9 Sea Cucumber 3:13
10 Tender Moments 4:53
11 Summer's High 3:44
12 Panoramic Panic 5:53
13 Living In A Strain 4:33
14 Everything's Changing 11:44



Tracks 2, 4, 6, 10, and 14 recorded in the old Lipscomb grain mill / Houn' Dawg dog food factory in Springfield, MO.

This was our first record as a band and it's probably our loudest. But there's still moments of vulnerability. We recorded it in exotic locales like our bathroom in Brooklyn, an old dogfood factory in Springfield, Missouri, and upstairs in Arlo's mom and dad's house in El Paso. It's got the drum machine that you hear on the next two albums plus two electric guitars. Sometimes there's real drums. Sometimes the violin. Sometimes the keyboard. In between the songs there are short bits of archival material (from a lifetime of Arlo recording his friends) that reconstruct the intertwined history of music and friendship that informs the whole album. Also there's a whole lot of want in these songs. Want and need. The need to create. The need to be inspired. And the need to share.