Françoiz Coballa ‎– Françoiz Coballa EP

Ala Jazz Records ‎– alafree001
File, MP3, EP, 128kbps


1 Radish And Milk Blues 2:20
2 I'm Afraid 4:01
3 Cof Your Own 3:03
4 Three Strings 4:15
5 I Wanna Go Blind 3:39



Françoiz Coballa's history is quiet odd compared to the average artist. Last year; Françoiz Coballa began working as a hip hop producer, but his mind was in other places and wandering who knows where. He began working with only a guitar and a harmonica after some heart problems. He produced some songs with a few groups and then "pass away" at the end of 2006. He claimed (or claims) he died and moved house to heaven for two months were he recorded the songs that are part of this EP.

All these thinga label him as a very eccentric person; but his strange behaviour does not eclipse his passion and his work. With a strong blues influence and feel, the improvized songs in this EP lift a wall of harsh singing and minimalistic music within his lo-fi ways to record. It is easy to listen to because the songs are special to Françoiz. The hypnotising melodies that this record posseses are far removed from common images and easy labels. And the fact that this record, if we can believe the words of his creator; was made in heaven. We are sure the songs sound very different as recording in heaven makes for very different albums.