Francesco De Masi ‎– Lo Squartatore Di New York



New York... One More Day 2:48
Phone Call 4:32
New York... One Night 2:44
Puertorico Club 3:13
The Ripper 3:24
New York... One More Day 2:07
Fay 3:36
Where Is The Ripper? 2:24
New York... One Night 2:34
Puertorico Club 3:10
Suspense And Murder 2:47
Waiting For The Killer 2:42


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January 15, 2020
referencing The New York Ripper, LP, RE, Gre, DW016
are you kidding me with this ridiculous jacket?
i can barely fit the vinyl inside, let alone the poster & insert


November 7, 2019
referencing The New York Ripper, LP, RE, DW016

It only happens to me or do we have to spend a whole day to meter the poster, libretto and album? As for the cover design I agree with the comment above, the original much better!


May 22, 2019
referencing The New York Ripper, LP, RE, DW016
Really nice soundtrack, jazzy, funky, with some great lush tracks with moody reverb. My pressing sounded quite clean.
Agree with previous comment: I can see what they were going for, but this is one ugly cover! Would have much preferred the original artwork!


August 22, 2016
referencing Lo Squartatore Di New York, LP, Album, Gre, LPF 055
Can anyone identify the song playing in the background during the "live show" scene? It's a super sleazy track w/vocals, and it's not on the OST. I'd be so grateful if anyone could assist!


April 20, 2016
referencing The New York Ripper, LP, RE, DW016
Really cannot get into the reissue artwork, praying for a reasonably priced original LP one day :)


July 31, 2015
referencing The New York Ripper, LP, Ltd, RE, Gre, DW016

The New York Ripper is a 1982 Italian giallo film directed and co-written by Lucio Fulci. The film score was written by Francesco De Masi. The film was banned in many countries or released as an “adults-only” movie after heavy editing. Whilst most of Lucio Fulci’s other films have been released uncut in the United Kingdom, The New York Ripper remains censored to this day, even for its 2011 DVD and Blu-ray releases.