Francisco López ‎– Untitled #352



1 MANTRAck 01 30:00
2 MANTRAck 02 30:00
3 MANTRAck 03 30:00
4 MANTRAck 04 30:00
5 MANTRAck 05 30:00
6 MANTRAck 06 30:00
7 MANTRAck 07 30:00
8 MANTRAck 08 30:00
9 MANTRAck 09 30:00
10 MANTRAck 10 30:00
11 Soundtrack "Exposure" 20:00


Created from original environmental sound matter recorded at the Régie de Chauffage Urbain / RCU (urban boiler plant facility) in Fontenay-sous-Bois, near Paris:
(1) Mutated into a myriad of sonic layers and composed for the audio-only installation- performance soundtrack [*] of the choreographic project ‘Exposure’ by Anne Collod [**]. Premiered for blindfolded audiences at the RCU as part of the Biennale de Danse du Val-de-Marne 2017.
(2) Selected complex layers further evolved and distilled into extensive electric mantras (‘MANTRAcks’). Headphones and dedicated listening highly recommended. Occasional apparent digital clipping is a deliberate aesthetic decision.
Composed, mixed and mastered at ‘mobile messor’ (Den Haag, Dublin, Paris) and Dune Studio (Loosduinen), 2016-2017.
Special thanks to Barbara Ellison. (c) francisco lópez 2017

[*] This release features a stereo mixdown version of the original 46-channel piece.
[**] ‘Exposure’ credits:
Conception, Artistic Direction, Choreography, Dance: Anne Collod Sonic Creation: Francisco López
Lighting Creation: Henry-Emmanuel Doublier
Scenography: Axel Simon
Costume Designer: Rachel Ciora
Artistic Advisers: Cécile Proust, Laurent Pichaud
Production Manager: Juliette Rudent-Gili