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Francisco Meirino Focus On Nothing
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January 16, 2014
referencing Focus On Nothing On Focus, LP, Ltd, Num, AR-LP-001
Meirino here reconstitutes live recordings of his duos alongside Esseiva. For an excellent review by Chris Whitehead, head over to The Field Reporter. Suffice to say here that I am as smitten with this album as with much of Meirino’s work. It’s heavy manipulation and overt editing plays in particularly good balance alongside 2012′s Undetected, which consists of unedited and unmastered field recordings from Francisco’s no doubt sizable collection. The contrast of the critical autocannibalism of the former with the unapologetic narcissism of the latter is precisely what fascinates in his work.

Esseiva’s piece on the B-side runs at a frenetic pace, mining much of the same harmonically tense passages as Meirino’s (they were, after all, both playing live together and rehashing the same recordings). While ‘Nothing On Focus’ is, well, unfocused, his contribution to the somewhat more limited CDr included with early copies shows him in more cohesive and effective form. His track on The Gift focuses on disorienting the listener with timbral and panning experiments instead of editing tricks, and works beautifully. Both the LP and CDr are worth seeking out.