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The red voyager 1 is a midi-sync device which reads the bpm (beats per minute) of the vinyl on either deck. It tracks the beat and sends out a midi time code which allows drum machines, samplers and efx to run in perfect synchronization. The most unique creative part about this mix is that both turntables were directly hooked up into their own sampler which are two akai remix 16 phase samplers. Both of these units are fully blown out 44.1 khz @ 3 minutes and have 16 different banks each. I think akai discontinued production shortly after their 1996 release and I am 100% positive that no DJ has ever used these samplers in this fashion. The remix 16 has a crossfader just like a DJ mixer and the turntable is plugged directly into the sampler which allows you to play the record and sample up to 16 different parts. Since the voyager 1 was connected from the sampler, I tricked it into believing the sample was a record by using the crossfader on the remix 16. Each sampler then was linked to an effect processor before finally joining the roland dj-2000 DJ mixer on line 1 and line 2.

The roland dj-2000 DJ mixer is my secret weaon with it dsp effects that blow away the pioneer 500 and 600. why the pioneer has become the industry standard when roland has this available is beyond my intelligence. The dj-2000 has only one major problem which is the midi control switch which does not sync up any machines but will start/stop a groovebox(duh!) There are only four line inputs which made it almost impossible to connect five drum machines but I was able to use my ghetto technics philosophy and make it work. Using a "y" adaptor on the line in of the Korg Electribe er-1, I was able to connect my sp-1200 and Yamaha rmx-1 and then bring all three machines into line 3 of the mixer and then connect the Roland tr-909 and roland mc-307 to line 4 of the mixerwhich at this point gives me the equivalent of a stealth bomber. The outputs of the mixer were then normalized and converted analog to digital via the tc electronic finalizer before the final destination: the Tascam cd-rw 700.

p.s. I forgot the extra sampler. I ran that through the mic imput!!!

enjoy the next level in underground sound, if i dig any deeper you will probably find me in japan. Respect to Christopher Columbus, I too will prove the world is not flat and wind up discovering America. I dug deep enough to think I made it to Japan!

peace > out > f.-bo. @ s.g.,inc. n.y.c. > u.s.a."

---liner notes


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January 18, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
I copied this off someone right around 9/11. Great tape, I still got it, and for many reasons I respect it highly. For one, frankie uses some of the greatest drum machines all at once, two, he uses no computer, and three, I still have a tape deck in my ride, so anyone that still uses tape is on my #1!!! Cop this tape!!!


November 5, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Four years after this release, I still have not used any computer hardware or software to create music, productions and/or remixes. The concept I used in the creation of this project was unique to anything I have ever seen.