Frankie Bones ‎– Act Like You Know

System Recordings ‎– SYS 1055-2
CD, Mixed



Recorded at the Chocolate Factory (Brooklyn, NY on 10-March-2005)
Tracks co-produced for Hard to Swallow Records Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)



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October 6, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
So I meet this virtually-unknown DJ on an equally low key online electronic music forum and discover he's actually done quite a lot for the industry in the past 15 years. One thing that struck me about him is that he loves the sound of his own voice. From personal experience, I've learnt to take the words of a tough-talking DJ with a pinch of salt and simply allow their art to speak for themselves, and it usually does a more efficient (and accurate) job. So this is how I managed to wrap my ears around ACT LIKE YOU KNOW by the self-admitted G.O.A.T., Frankie Bones.

I consciously try to cast aside all politics, demographics, hype and artist knowledge before I listen to any type of music (arguably, the way any music should be listened to). Having said that, ACT LIKE YOU KNOW is an amazing aural journey. It brings to mind images of an industrial complex 300 years into the future where man is nothing but a nostalgic memory. That's not to say ALYK is totally soulless; think of it like as an impervious robot with a one-track human mind (perhaps a slight metaphor for the author himself?). Each track contributes its own nuts, bolts, wires and levers to the overall machine, and since all tracks are Bones' own, that's saying quite a lot. There are so many highlights to note here; the infinite deepness of the opening cut 'The Remains'; the Prodigy-esque harsheness of 'Do Me Like You Do'; the horrific slap of 'In Black Or White'; the hard-as-nails industrialism of 'The Express'. And that is just the first half of the CD. The mix contracts in earthiness and expands in complexity as it approaches the third quarter; I found myself feeling claustrophobic when trying to make my way through tracks like the Commodore 64 mutated 'Work That!' and the matriarchally-haunted 'Dance With Me'. One thing ACT LIKE YOU KNOW does effortlessly well is suck you up in its emotional tornado. Something worth mentioning is Bones' pristine programming; he's created a sequence of events that easily reflect a night out on the town; indeed, the concluding cut 'The Saga' shares an element or two with driving home, trying to understand why the fun is over.

The mixing is unashamedly live and raw, so much that RAW AS F*CK would've been a more appropriate title. To further enhance the bare-ass tone, the mix isn't even run through a click/pop eliminator. Make no mistake, this is a warts-and-all type of package. The only pure thing about ACT LIKE YOU KNOW, it seems, is it does a flawless job in introducing the sound of the Brooklyn underground to everyone on top of the surface (myself included). Highly recommended for any open-minded genre enthusiast.