Freddie Mercury ‎– It's Everyone Of Us

R. Rec ‎– 071117
CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Unofficial Release


Unreleased home demos & live tracks.
First time on CD. Limited numbered edition.

Track list:
1.Green (take 1) 3:15
2.Green (take 2) 4:18
3.Green (take 3) 3:31
Recorded at Freddie's flat in Ferry Road, Barnes, London, in October 1969, featuring Freddie Mercury, Mike Bersin, John Taylor and Richard Thompson. It was recorded at a rehearsal, and was edited down from a 10 minute tape.
The track is officially available in the 10CD/2DVD 'Solo' boxed set.
Various excerpts from the 10 minute demo tape are available, as follows:
Demo Excerpt 1
This version adds a new section to the start of the track - basically, the first 18 seconds of dialogue in the boxed set has been replaced by a 1:25 section which is completely different to the rest of the track, so much so that it could actually be a different song.
Demo Excerpt 2
This version features essentially the same parts as the released version but in far inferior quality. It begins with about 12 seconds of various parts of the track, during which the tape cuts badly a couple of times. It then features the end of the track ("I'm losing sense of rhythm" onwards), which is from a different recording to the released version, as it includes slightly different dialogue.
Demo Excerpt 3
This version is by far the most interesting, it has the same structure as version 1, but the 'normal' part of the track must be from an alternate take, as it contains minor lyric changes.
4.New York, New York 2:01
1985 hubrid edit: studio talks/film take
5.It's In Everyone Of Us 5:00
6.Born To Rock'n'roll 2:45
7.In My Defence 3:26
14.04.1988 - Freddie Mercury in Dominion Theatre, London, UK (Time musical - special charity performance)
Freddie's very last live appearance - in the charity performance of the Time musical (ironically, helping fight against AIDS). Bad quality but there's a soundboard recording in the archives.
8.Fuck Off And Die You Fag...(Qu Serà, Serà)3:10
9.Girl From Ipanema 3:46
10.Rock A Bye Dixie 1:29
Garden Lodge Tapes.
hese are three recordings, presumably made on the same night, of improvised singalongs, featuring Freddie, Mike Moran and Peter Straker, with only piano accompaniment. Sources suggest they were recorded at Christmas, 1987
11.Heroic Theme 3:34
Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe home improvisation
12.New York 2:31
Home Demo Version
This is a very rough demo version recorded by Freddie at home. It features the usual piano melody, which is very similar to the released demo, but the lyrics are very undeveloped, with only a few words in place, but plenty of Freddie's usual ad-libs. The track begins with around 4 seconds from another take, and ends with Freddie turning the tape recorder off, briefly humming the track to himself.
13.New York 4:14
New York At Last Smash mix
14.Freddie Mercury - Message for You