Fredrik Svensson (3) ‎– Lubor Lingo EP

Vanishing Vanity Music ‎– VAN 18
Vinyl, 7", EP, Pink Translucent Vinyl


A1 Intrang
A2 Go On Rod!
A3 Da Phunky Beat
A4 Ghost Host With The Most Most
A5 Alla Ska Vända
B6 Farbror Feffes Fulfunk
B7 Snabb Skiss, För 5 Gitarrer
B8 Gnilges
B9 Trolla Bort Trollet"
B10 Sveriges Senaste Musik


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September 17, 2016
edited about 1 year ago

After almost twenty years I finally was able now to find him again! Indeed the name offers many writing possibilies. All the time I didn't think of "Fredrik", always wrote "Frederik" or "Frederick". So, here is a little story to tell: I used to have this cassette recorder, which I got from my big sister in the early 80's. Its origin must go back to even the 70's. It was all shiny, in grey and silver with two boxes that could be separated. I think it needed eight batteries to function. My good friend always had bought them. Also it had a handle so it was easy to carry it around.

In the late 90's one of our other friends was on a holiday camp in the Netherlands with class. He told us of a mysterious cassette that magically laid on a seat on his train back home. Someone must have forgotten it there. The cassette had a sleeve made of dark blue paper with a black print on it. The cover showed a man sleeping and dreaming, drawn in a psychedelic way. It turned out that the music was what we were right into at that time; some kind of acid lo-fi grunge, made by a multi-instrumentalist from what it obviously seemed was Sweden.

We used to drop LSD regularly during the years of 1997 and 1998. Often we came back with blotters from a guy who lived right in the middle of nowhere in a trailer. One time, on entering our home town by car, we met friends on the streets everywhere. It was quite random. We ended up being nine people inside my flat, sharing the blotters among us. It was already late afternoon.

During those trips outside we always had this mentioned cassette recorder and Fredrik Svensson with us. One day, however, the tape got lost and people started to move away. Although the internet already had much possibilties to offer regarding doing research on a single musician, it didn't work, I never could find him again. It stayed a big mystery. Did we really had this cassette at all? He appeared and disappeared by wonder.

Finding him now on discogs a few weeks ago is hilarious. I wasn't sure until I dropped the needle, but as soon as I've heard the first seconds I knew it was him right away. I recalled how I was sitting on a weathered table in the forest nearby together with the friend who had found the tape. It was night and FS's music was playing. It was just a safe haven and the best to listen to during those trips. Being older now, it kinda strikes me that this good musician never got any bigger attention. Or maybe he never wanted it. I don't know. Anyway, putting his music on now gives me a big grin on my face. :-)