Freedom (36) ‎– United States Of Mind

Lost Time Records ‎– LTR008
Vinyl, 7", Single Sided


X1 United States Of Mind
X2 The Only Way
X3 Never
X4 Hide Behind
X5 Discriminate Me (Agnostic Front)
X6 Divided As One


black w/yellow screen print

this record was originally supposed to only have 200 pressed but the plant made a mistake and pressed 200 records with blank labels so they re pressed the records and with the left over blank label records i did some with stamped labels and make some stickers of the label.

15 - Test Press
30 Records with photocopied covers about 5 of them are grey the rest are black all of themhave blank labels
25 - Straight Ahead rip off sleeve blue screen print
50 - Straight Ahead rip off sleeve yellow screen print
54 - Grey with yellow screen print/ Sticker label
40 - Grey with Blue screen print/ Sticker label
49 - White with Red screen print / Regular label
8 - White with Yellow screen print / Regular label
3 - Black with yellow screen print / sticker label
6 - Black with red screen print / Regular label
17 - Grey with Blue screen print / Regular label
18 - Black with Yellow screen print/ Regular labels
29 - Grey with Yellow Screen print / Regular labels
70 - Black Vinyl no Screen print
14 - Black Vinyl Hand Drawn label!discography/c60z